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Matthew Clancy

The first thing that I have to say about this movie is that it did something that many can’t do. Within the first ten minutes I GASPED and had to cover my eyes. I am not kidding I literally had to cover my eyes for a solid 20 minutes of the whole movie. Since I was relying on subtitles to know what madness was ensuing, this means I was confused…often. But that’s ok, I rewound and watched what I needed to through a slightly bigger gap in my hands covering my eyes. This movie is GORY. And by GORY I mean GORY GORY! Holy Shit.

The movie focuses on our main character Cheng Lai – Sheung who has saved and sacrificed her entire life for the perfect flat. Just when she found the flat at the “right price” the owners decide not to sell in the hope that the housing market will improve and they can make more money. Now Ms. Cheng REALLY REALLY wanted that flat. This sends her on a rampage taking out her aggression on the current tenants of the building.

If you can make it through the gory death scenes, and are up for a good dark (and sometimes comedic) social commentary, then this is definitely a good pick. But I don’t think I can stress this more, that you have to be ok with gore.

Grab your barf bag and check it out! I don’t think I will ever look at zip ties again…


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