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Marvel has finally announced the new comic book Hulk. It's been hinted for some time that it would be Amadeus Cho, and now it has been confirmed that the child genius will be the Green Goliath. For any of you who are not familiar with Cho, he is a genius who has been a sidekick to the Hulk and Hercules.

Cho will make his debut in December. His new title is "The Totally Awesome Hulk," and he will be the only Hulk in the universe. It will be interesting to see this new development. Although Banner who was equally smart as Cho, Banner was unstable and did not embrace his alter ego. Cho is more balanced and has always idolized Hulk. As Marvel chief Axel Alonso supported:

"For Banner, the weight was like a boulder. For Cho, it’s like a feather. And I think that’s the distinction here. He loves being the Hulk: that’s why he’s called the “Totally Awesome Hulk.” But I also want to say that he will be the only Hulk in the Marvel Universe. He will be the Hulk, the green Hulk, that will be him. Just like there’s one Thor in the Marvel Universe and she’s a she, there is one Hulk and it is Amadeus Cho. But I also want to say that there is a story to be told for Banner. Banner’s story is not over. And I don’t want people saying, “Oh, these guys hate Banner, and they don’t like him and they’re sick of him.” No — we love Banner. And in fact, that was one of the things that Greg and Mark and I discussed, how fascinating Banner’s life will become now that he no longer has this weight on his shoulders. What is his story? It’s far from finished. People shouldn’t think that we’re jettisoning Banner — he has a place in the Marvel Universe, and I think it’s going to become more fascinating what that place is in the coming months."
Amadeus Cho as Hulk. (picture courtesy of Marvel)
Amadeus Cho as Hulk. (picture courtesy of Marvel)

Greg Pak, the co-creator of Amadeus Cho, told Entertainment Weekly:

“I actually co-created Amadeus back in the day, 10 years ago — it’s coming out around the 10th anniversary of the character’s first appearance. And Takeshi Miyazawa was the artist and I was the writer, and we introduced this Korean-American kid into the Marvel Universe. It’s been a blast to write ever since. We did a lot of stuff with him over the years in the Hulk universe. This is also a character, by the way, who has a long history with Banner and the Hulk. He basically started out as Hulk’s number one fan because he’s a crazy teenager with as little impulse control as the Hulk, so he kind of identified with him. But the character always meant a huge amount to me. When I had the opportunity to create this new character, I realized there aren’t specifically that many Asian-American characters at this time in the Marvel Universe, and it was sort of a niche. I also wanted to write a character who talks a lot. I was writing a lot of Hulk stuff, I was writing very closed-lip surly characters. But it’s been tremendous. I go to cons and people come up to me dressed as Amadeus Cho, and that blows my mind. And then the character’s also been picked up in some of the cartoons that Marvel puts out, and in one of the DVD movies they did. It’s kind of tremendous when anything you work on kind of resonates with people and goes on to be used by other creators as well.”

I really love what Marvel has done with their roster. Cho is a great character who's close ties with Banner/Hulk make him a great choice to be the Hulk. Only time will tell if this is a success, but with Pak under the helm, I have great confidence that "Totally Awesome Hulk" will be a success.

Amadeus Cho as Hulk will be out in December.


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