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In celebration of Michael Keaton's 64th birthday, I compiled a list of his best movies to watch today. I was surprised to see that he only has 45 acting credits, yet he is an idol to many people. He has a wonderful way of capturing amazing and memorable characters. Many of his movies had some sort of great impact in different ways in my life, and I'm sure that's true for many others as well.

#13 - Johnny Dangerously

At the time it was released, I'm sure it was a lot better. Watching it now is different. It's like a parody of Scarface, or like Corky Romano, but better. A good guy has to become a mafia boss to help his mother get better. It's a humorous slapstick movie, and deserves another go around if you haven't seen it in a while. It's currently on Netflix streaming.

#12 - Robocop

I admit, I enjoy the original a lot, but this remake was an interesting take on the story. I thought with the new technology and CGI, it looked really cool and not as campy as the original. There were great aspects about each, and Micheal plays kind of a bad guy, which is rare, but cool. I think if you haven't given the movie a chance yet and at least somewhat enjoyed the original, but want better quality, then you should give this a watch. This is also on Netflix streaming right now.

#11 - Game 6

It's an Indie feature that not many have seen. Michael Keaton plays a playwright who skips opening night to watch Game 6 of the World Series in 1986. Keaton acts alongside Robert Downey Jr. which makes for great character interactions and great comedy. Definitely worth a watch, especially if you are into indie feature with big actors.

#10 - Jack Frost

A great Christmas film. I remember getting really teary eyed in this movie, but also felt tingling warm fuzzies that you want to get during Christmas season. This movie isn't to be confused with the old animated film about the spirit fairy tale figure Jack Frost comes in and he's the one who makes it winter. You know the film introduced by the groundhog on groundhog day? Not that one. It's also not to be confused with the Horror movie where the serial killer dies then possesses a snowman in order to kill people (it was actually kind of funny). Michael's Jack Frost does compare to the horror movie in the sense of dying and possession, but this one is heartfelt. Michael plays a dad who doesn't keep his promises, then turns into a snowman in order to get another chance to make things right with his son. A great movie with bits of comedy to watch if you're feeling up to getting a head start on winter movies.

#9 - Mr. Mom

When this movie first came out it was a big surprise because you didn't see or hear much about the Dad being a stay at home dad taking care of the kids. At that point it was all up to the woman, but now the subject seems a lot more reasonable, but this film started something. It gave audience members into the first good look of the life of a dad doing the things they never do. The movie is very humorous because he has no clue what he is doing. So, if you are or know of some stay at home dads, then you might want to watch this so you can chuckle as you are taken back in time with this wonderful John Hughes film, which is also on Netflix streaming.

#8 - White Noise

One of Michael's only horror films. The movie scared me a bit me out when I watched it. I've always had weird thoughts about white noise and what it really is or could be. White noise is something you can deal with in everyday life and add supernatural entities into the mix, and you get this movie. I thought Keaton did a great job, and the movie went very well. I never saw the sequel because this one was good enough.

#7 - Desperate Measures

It's a great crime thriller where we get to see Michael playing a bad guy killer. A cop needs to a bone marrow donor to save his son, but the compatible person is Keaton's character, and when they get to the hospital the convict escapes and causes mayhem. The officer, Andy Garcia, now needs to catch him, but not hurt him. It's a very engaging story and it's great to see Michael turn the tables and play a character unlike any of his other characters, even to date.

#6 - The Dream Team

This is a really funny older movie. The cast in this work well together and the interactions are very comical. Michael plays one of the four guys who are in a mental institution and get lost in NYC after the person watching over them gets hospitalized, then they are pursued by criminals. Each of the four have their own crazy mental disabilities that's great to watch as they wander around the Big Apple.

#5 - Batman Returns

Michael Keaton is still the best Batman. This particular Batman movie is better than Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. I just always thought this one was a great dark movie, but moved a little slow for my liking. I think if they would have condensed Penguin's story a little, it would be a lot better, but this is still a great Batman film. Michelle Pfeiffer is still the best and hottest Catwoman. The movie also has Christopher Walken with crazy white hair wearing spiffy suits and playing a villain (of sorts). Give this one another watch if you haven't already seen it a million times.

#4 - Multiplicity

One of the funniest movies ever! I still remember and say quotes from this movie. It also shows Michael's great acting ability because he plays five versions of himself. I think he did a fantastic job of making five distinguished characters. He pretty much just acts with himself the entire movie, which I'm sure was hard and tedious, but a lot of fun. I would love to see another movie with him playing multiple characters. I mention this movie to a lot of people and surprisingly not everyone has seen it or even heard about it, so, if you haven't seen this movie, then this is the one you must see. It's too perfect of a comedy to pass up.

#3 - Beetlejuice

One of Michael's most iconic roles, and a movie that everyone is anxious about the rumored sequel. I have yet to hear or see for sure if this sequel is happening. If it does happen it needs to hurry. Michael looks great for his age and seems to have lots of energy, but there's only so much he can do and he's only getting older. This movie has great originality and brought something to the table no one ever saw. It also still surprises people that Michael is playing the role of Beetlejuice because he takes on a completely different form. He is absolutely fantastic in the film. Tim Burton does another great job making a film dark and kinda of scary, yet making it light hearted and somewhat family friendly. The make-up, costumes, and visual effects are great. I love Burton's style with this film. You can tell it's a Tim Burton film, but not overly Burton. If you haven't seen this movie in a while, and want to start prepping for Halloween, then this is the movie you want to watch today.

#2 - Batman

The first Batman film after Adam West. This took a different take on Batman, and was the best. The dark aspect of it was perfect and the whole film just blew people away at the time. Michael Keaton is great as Batman and Bruce Wayne. The suit was cool, the Batmobile was great, and everyone got to see Jack as the Joker. Burton was perfect for Batman and starting the dark trend to story. I would love for Tim Burton to do another Batman, even if it's without Michael. You can watch this movie for the billionth time on Netflix streaming right now too.

#1 - Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

I saw this movie in theaters and I was blown away. The story is pretty basic, but the cinematography, direction, and acting was on point. I loved that they went with all the long takes. It shows more of the acting abilities and relates it more to theater, which is awesome to me. When I saw the trailer I expected more superhero stuff to happen, but when I saw the film and realized it really didn't have what I thought it would have, I wasn't disappointed. I enjoyed everything about this movie and was drawn in the entire time.

Like everyone else, I thought about Michael playing Batman, and then this is like the sequel if Michael's life after playing Batman twice, which isn't really true because he did many other great things after Batman. He didn't get stuck in that character. But it's just an added bonus to compare that to this movie because it gives it a little more ground. I thought Keaton was amazing in this film. Spot on. When the Oscars were airing I pulled for this movie in every aspect. I wanted it to sweep the Oscars, like when The Artist came out. I thought this movie was different and very refreshing from what we are used to seeing on a regular basis. It made it even better for me since it tied the movie to theatre in more senses than one.

I also had to read Raymond Carver books for writing classes, so, I related on that aspect as well. This movie is just so perfect. If you are having a hard time deciding what movie to watch on this day of Michael's birth, then just watch this one, it's my choice of movie today.

In my eyes, those are the best Michael Keaton movies to date. I'll throw a shout out to Much Ado About Nothing and The Other Guys because I like those movies as well, but they barely didn't make the cut.

What's your #1 Micheal movie? Which one will you watch today?


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