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Spoilers for the first season of Scream: the tv series.

Scream is an iconic horror film. Ghostface is an iconic killer. And Wes Craven (R.I.P.) created something special. But that was back in 1996. This is 2015 And we are not talking about the film. No. We are talking about the t.v. series.

Scream: The TV Series launched at the end of June on MTV. And for the most part it was a success.

What I think

Brandon James
Brandon James

Scream was a slasher movie that made fun of slashers. It was fun, scary, and meta all at different times. The series tried to do the same thing. But it was no where near as successful as the movie.

The series tried to make fun of itself. It tried to be meta about the fact that it was a slasher film that lasted ten hours instead of two. It tried to poke holes in things like slasher films while also scaring you. And it didn't work. I've seen every episode. I also am not a big fan of horror movies because I scare easily. I wasn't scared once.

As for the plot... well, it was predictable. I guessed who the killer was in the second episode. The thriller didn't really offer much new. But what do you expect from a show based off a slasher? It was never meant to be the smartest show on tv.

One of the weakest points of the show were the deaths. Shocking considering it is a slasher show. The deaths never left an impact. Many of them felt like they were added, not because they served the show, but because they needed someone to die and they would be the most shocking. Will and the sheriff left impressions because of how they died, not because they died. The only death that was really impactful was Reilly. She was a character that you really came to like and when she died it was felt. In not just the show, but for the viewers.

And the characters were one of the strong points. At least Emma, Noah, and Audrey were. Willa Fitzgerald, John Karna, and Bex Taylor-Klaus held the show together. They made things better, whether they were facing off with the killer or just talking techno-babble. And they are the reason I will becoming back for the second season.

Let's talk about that second season

I was glad they announced a second season. A little less glad when I found out that the creators thought about pulling a American Horror Story and then siding against it. It is not that I don't want to see a continuation of the story. It's just that I think following different serial killers using the same actors in different roles. But, at last, that didn't happen.

Don, don, dooonnnn!
Don, don, dooonnnn!

What we are getting the continued adventures of Emma. The ending scene with Audrey gives me hope. Now that they can get away from the pure slasher genre and towards something more contemporary. That is a good thing. They will be less pressured to kill off a lot of characters. Maybe this could be more of a mystery/thriller instead of just a slasher.

Either you liked it or you didn't

For all of the shows problems, I found it entertaining. Like I said, this was never going to win an Emmy. But the premise, despite being predictable, is fun and I think there is a lot of potential for the second season.


What did you think of the first season


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