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Calling me a Potterhead is an understatement. I am the Seth Rogen of Potterheads! Harry Potter is my favorite book/film series of all time, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Especially since the Harry Potter series is technically returning to the big screen!

While it's not exactly a Harry Potter adventure, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them does exist in the same magical universe as HP and his pals, so it's close enough. Anything set in the Harry Potter universe is enough for me, so I'll of course be seeing the movie first day! I might even use my invisibility cloak to sneak into the premiere! Though I have been told that my cloak doesn't REALLY have invisibility powers, but only by jealous muggles.

Anyway, Fantastic Beasts is set to come out next year, and its mere existence means that the Harry Potter franchise is far from over. With Hollywood falling head over heels for anything with the words 'cinematic universe' in it, a Wizarding World Cinematic Universe is very likely.

I'll gladly welcome this new WWCU with open arms, and share it with my Potterhead family! While I'm unsure if this cinematic universe will be around when I have children, regardless, I know that I can't allow my kids to live life without ever knowing the joy of the original movies.

So when little Adonis Jr. and Adonette (totally what I'm naming my kids) gather around the holographic super ultra HD television unit, and order our robot to bring us popcorn and dippin dots, they'll be watching the movie that started it all; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!

Yes, I know that I started this challenge with the last Harry Potter movie, and it's both lazy and a bit ironic that I'd end it with the first one. But if I had to choose any movie to pass on to my children, I would always choose this one.

Though admittedly nowhere near as good as the rest of the franchise, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - or Philosopher's Stone in the UK - still has a special place in my heart; simply because it's the start of the franchise I would grow to be obsessed with.

I still remember seeing HP1 in theaters so very long ago (like 14 years ago), and loving every minute of it! It was the first time I had ever been introduced to the wonderful and surreal cinema world that is the Fantasy Epic! The first Harry Potter isn't as action packed as the rest, but everything about it was so darn fantastical! The magic, the creatures, even the students of Hogwarts - despite looking human - were odd and fascinating spectacles.

There have been other amazing fantasy epics, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and The Princess Bride to name a few. But as incredible as those movies are, the Harry Potter series ranks higher than them on my list! You could say that since I saw it before I saw any of those other movies, that I'm being biased, but that's not true. I'm aware that LOTR and Game of Thrones are much better than the first Harry Potter film, and defintely have much more expansive worlds than Harry's (at least for now). But this film managed not only to set up an amazing franchise, it also turned out to be a pretty good film as well.

Now, having recently re-watched it during a long and intense nostalgic trip I'd rather not discuss, I realize that the film has its faults. The spell effects weren't that cool, the score wasn't too good and Daniel Radcliffe and his friends weren't exactly experienced actors yet. But other than that, the movie was/is golden.

The costume design, the settings, the writing, everything good about it was noticeable and everything bad about it was excusable. Still, compared to the other films in the franchise, it probably ranks at the very bottom.

But without this movie, there wouldn't be a franchise. Being the first in a series of films based on a series of books, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone had one job: get people interested and set up the next film. It not only did all that with flying colors, but it managed to gain critical appraise for itself as well!

I could have chosen any other movie in the franchise, they're all phenomenal—except for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, a great film that unfortunately suffers from being a big long set up for the much better Part 2.

Anyway, the reason I chose the first is one is simply because, I want to corrupt my children. I want to brainwash them, and bring them over to the "Potter" side! And how can I properly do that if I don't pass on the film that started it all?

I plan to give the first film to my kids, and then, after they predictably become hooked on Harry, I'll inform them that this is their legacy now. It's their mission to find the rest of the films, all the books, every single videogame, soundtrack, action figure and keychain! Then, when their journey is complete, they must pass it on to their children!

In the year 3001, Harry Potter will be a national treasure! We'll have him on our T-shirts, our coffee mugs, we'll have posters on every wall! People will tell tales of when Harry Potter came out 1000 years ago, and historians will use it to study how the world was back then. My descendants will be royalty, known as the 'Keepers of the Potter'! They will keep the HP films in a safe buried deep beneath their mansion for safekeeping, and guard it with their lives! Only then, will my legacy be complete.

Harry Potter Will Never Die!

Well, this concludes the final post of My 5 Day Challenge! A big thanks to fellow Creator Mike Mack for starting this whole shebang (you can check his stuff out here)!

If you want to try this awesome challenge, it's really simple! All you have to do is write a post every day for 5 days, with a new topic every day! The topics are below:

Day 1 - A movie that made you cry

Day 2 - A motivational movie

Day 3 - An awkward family movie

Day 4 - A movie you've watched over and over

Day 5 - A movie to pass on to your kids

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