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Welcome to PART 2! If you haven't read PART 1 yet, do that by clicking on this link If that doesn't work for some reason, you can go to my account and find the article there. If that still doesn't work you can search the article on MoviePilot. The title is: Ranking MCU movies PART 1: 12-7!


Before you read this article, let me know what your favorite movie is from this list!

For those of you who haven't read PART 1 and don't want to, I will explain what this article is about and how I grade MCU movies. If you have read PART 1, then you can skip this section and go on to movie #6 on the list.

There have been a LOT of MCU movie rankings swirling around lately. Most of these have to do with personal opinion or the outcome is affected because of the "favorite character" aspect. I read these posts and then look in the comments and I see these authors getting completely bashed for sharing their favorite movies. Frankly, it's quite humorous. So what I have decided to do is take four major sections: critics rating, fans rating, story quality, and box office numbers. Each category is worth 25 points so the lowest score you can get is 4 and the highest score is 100. Before we start I don't want people talking trash about ME in the comments. You can talk crap about movies, but these aren't necessarily my favorite movies in the MCU.

Lets get started!

#6. Avengers: Age of Ultron

I was super excited going into this movie and just as excited leaving. I thought it was a great movie and the perfect fit as the second installment in The Avengers movies. I love the AoU comics and I did think that they portrayed Ultron very well. People didn't seem to like it as much as I did but it still did ok. I would have definitely put this as my #2 movie if this was a personal opinions list.

~ Critics Rating: 20

~ Fans Rating: 20

~ Story Quality: 17

~ Box Office: 22

~ Final Rating: 79/100


#5. Iron Man

Hold on.... No, that can't be right. Yep, Iron Man is actually in the top six MCU movies. I completely disagree with this one. It was an alright movie and probably the best Iron Man (definitely much better than Iron Man 3) but it was not better than AoU in my books. This movie was accepted super well when it first came out 7 years ago. I mean, Marvel finally made a really good movie! It still is some people's favorite movie out of all of The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

~ Critics Rating: 21

~ Fans Rating: 22

~ Story Quality: 18

~ Box Office: 19

~ Final Rating: 80/100


#4. Ant-Man

I freaking loved this movie! As a sucker for comedies that are actually funny, this one was really the perfect movie for me! Everybody I talked to about it absolutely loved it. I went to it twice on opening day (once with family and the other time with some friends) and both times were amazing! This is my favorite movie by quite a bit in the MCU, but I am hoping CA: Civil War will overtake that spot.

~ Critics Rating: 22

~ Fans Rating: 22

~ Story Quality: 22

~ Box Office: 16

~ Final Rating: 82/100


#3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

For a lot of people, this is their favorite movie in the MCU. This movie is outstanding, but to me, it wasn't as good as AoU or Ant-Man. Yet somehow it still made it past both of them on this list. I would have put this movie in the #3 if this was a personal opinions list. What I would have done differently is, I would have put AoU and Ant-Man before the Winter Soldier. Either way, this is still a great movie and the Russo brothers knocked this one out of the park.

~ Critics Rating: 23

~ Fans Rating: 25

~ Story Quality: 22

~ Box Office: 16

~ Final Rating: 86/100


#2. The Avengers

This is the movie that made the MCU what it is today. Everybody loves this movie. The average moviegoer loved it, the extreme comic book fan loved it, and even dogs loved it (ok... the last one was maybe a little far fetched, no pun intended). It had great one liners via Tony Stark and great action via the Hulk. This movie will most likely be a classic superhero movie for a long time to come.

~ Critics Rating: 21

~ Fans Rating: 23

~ Story Quality: 22

~ Box Office: 24

~ Final Rating: 90/100


#1. Guardians of the Galaxy

This one shocked me. It shocked me when I figured out that this was the #1 movie, it shocked me when it first came out and it was amazing, and it shocked me when I realized that the star of a very good action/sci-fi film was Chris Pratt. You mean like that guy named Andy from Parks and Rec? Yeah, that guy. He was great in this movie and definitely the best man for the job.

P.S. Sorry for the German in the picture above⬆️⬆️. Couldn't find a good quality one in English.

~ Critics Rating: 24

~ Fans Rating: 25

~ Story Quality: 22

~ Box Office: 20

~ Final Rating: 91/100

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Let everybody know in the comments what your absolute favorite Marvel movie is! And if you feel this article is not very good, I am completely open to any feedback.


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