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Im a patron of the geek art!!

Ideas have there own Rights to you know!!!

Every one likes there own types of show and movies, its a key part of who you are just like your clothing choices. So is it right to "bash" (openly hate to the point of being degrading and hurtful) movies and shows because they're not up to par with what your standards are? Personally I don't think so, you have to take into serious consideration that people put hours into making that movie, show, book or song so the populous could enjoy it. They put their hearts and souls into their work. Waking up at ungodly hours to get makeup and costumes on so that they can make a product available for people who in turn "bash" them because ‘that character didn't say that line a this part of the story'. Who are you to belittle them? If you don't like it make it yourself, but I don't see it making billions of dollars in its first week alone. Good luck to you anyway. I'm not trying to say don't have an option or don't dislike something we're human after all, I'm just trying to say keep in mind that a lot of work gets put into show and movies and that if you say spiteful thing no ones going to want to at least try. Lastly the only thing that gets me more upset that "bashing" is not try to accept a new idea. People try to stir up new ideas and concepts and they get shot down because ‘how dare that vampire sparkle'. Who cares it's a new take on a sentry old myth, what do you think Bram Stoker would say about vampires who could walk in the sun, or vampires that sing rock music for a living? Our ideas change all the time so why can't are concepts change as well? If your closed minded to new ideas it more or less make you a whole different kind of bigot.


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