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M.e. O'Brien-Hughes
I personally think that Thundercats would transition really well after all they have done with AVATAR and the current cgi with all the MARVEL movies and such.. I mean they are currently shooting a reboot of POWER RANGERS, HEMAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and have a script but not a director for a VOLTRON movie. Almost 75% of the film for the HOBBIT and LOR was cgi in the giant battle scenes and such and if they can make you believe that a giant tree/TREANT can carry hobbits and fight trolls and such then why not THUNDERCATS? The overall attention span of todays audience is about action, not story. If you cant keep them glued to the seat then your film will bomb 90% of the time and thats a proven statistical fact. I submit the fast and furious franchise as a prime example.. not much story at all but tons of fast cars, chase scenes and gun fights and lots and lots of blowing things up, sexy men and women for both sexes.. AS for Transformers, there wasnt much story to go off anyway just like the others you mentioned as it was always just a brief episode of Megatron causing some sort of trouble and the autobots stopping him so the overall setup worked really well for a transition to the big screen.. Giant robots fighting and transforming into different things? Whats not to love. lol most peoples problem I have heard from forums and review sites was there was TOO MUCH story and not enough action especially with the first trilogy with Shia Lebouf and his poor choppy acting.. As for the Ninja Turtles, when you break it down you have 3 origin stories from the comics, (they have done an origin reboot story 11 times in the comics now), before they ever did the cartoon series, then you have 6 current animated origin stories just for the series. Then you have 3 origin stories in the movie franchise side. The latest movie TMNT was specifically based off of the UTRON story arch and all the screen writing and scripts are approved by Eastman and Laird before they are allowed to shoot. So if the creators give the approval then who are we to say its not true canon or anything like that.. In fact it has already been revealed that Rocksteady, Bebop and Krang the conqueror will be in TMNT 2 and it has already started filming and is set to release late 2016 early 2017.. As for the others listed, I could see most of them like DUCKTALES and GUMMI BEARS and such being an animated movie like from the PIXAR side of things but not a live action.

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