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It's fun to rent a few low budget horror flicks or attempt to navigate your way through the horror section on Netflix, right!? Usually we're lucky with a decent horror flick about 50% of the time. So, here are some movies that either received terrible reviews, are completely unheard of, or are pretty much unheard of and had obviously low budgets that I felt were actually entertaining. Hope you enjoy!

April Fool’s Day – This is sort of campy with some oddball characters and seemingly strange antics. It appears as a slasher film, but is it? It’s worth a watch. It’s a little older (1986), has some cheesy dialogue, and occasional sub-par acting, but none of that matters when someone is dangling over a cobra in fear for their life, right!?

My Soul to Take – For some reason this film wasn’t received very well. I suppose people wanted more from a Wes Craven film. It’s has some cheesiness, for sure. It has a bunch of high school aged kids, who, yes, can all be sort of annoying in their own ways. But, if you like teen horror flicks, then this one is worth a watch. It has an interesting story and some unique sub plots.

The Hamiltons – A part of one of the 8 Films to Die For collections, this movie was sort of a drama/horror. It was done really well, despite having a low budget and some mediocre actors. The story and perspective are very interesting. It sort of feels like an indie horror flick. It’s definitely worth your time.

Paranormal Activity (The Marked Ones) – So, we’re all finished with the Paranormal Activity movies at this point, I know. However, this one held a different cast, and was technically a spinoff. Set in apartment complexes with a Hispanic cast, it had a different feel which created some genuinely creepy moments and explored a possible story line within the Paranormal saga. Worth a watch. No award winning performances here.

Stay Alive – If you die in the video game, you die in real life. It’s a little corny on the surface, and some of the graphics are iffy, but the underlying story is actually based on a real life horrific historic figure, which creates a decent amount of creepiness. It’s one of those that is sort of fun to watch over again. Some of the deaths are pretty neat too!

My Bloody Valentine 3D (2008) – This remake somehow flew under the radar for many, even though it starred the popular Jensen Ackles. It just didn’t receive positive attention. Yes, it’s predictable even though it attempts to make you feel like they’ve created some big elaborate twist. So, if you can just go into it thinking of it as a slasher film and not a whole lot more, then it does just fine. It has all the ingredients. It’s entertaining, especially in 3D.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia – This movie held a very nice level of creepiness throughout. The acting was actually quite decent, and the story was set up well. Of course, there are some frustrating character moments, as with many horror movies, but some of the cheap thrills and creepy locations are definitely enjoyable. It’s worth it.

Vacancy – Not many people have seen this suspenseful horror flick starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale, but it’s definitely worth a watch. It may seem slow-moving or like not enough is happening, depending on what types of movies you like, but the acting is so good and the fear you feel with and for these characters is very real. It’s intensely suspenseful, and I suppose your imagination is enabled to go wild with the fearful possibilities.

Odd Thomas – This is more of a horror/comedy/drama, I suppose. It’s not necessarily scary, per se, but it’s really captivating. The story is done well and the ‘evil’ is pretty creepy. It’s totally worth your time.

As Above So Below – If you could take Indiana Jones and turn it into a found footage-type horror film, it would be this. Of course, there’s no Harrison Ford, unfortunately, but there are characters with some actual intellect. It takes a short while to get started, but once things get rolling, it’s really quite intriguing. Also, there’s at least one scene where you’re quite annoyed with one of the characters, but get past that and it’s totally worth it.


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