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When it comes to Marvel, Captain America is one of their most popular characters. Captain America, one of the founding members, and leader of the Avengers, is one of the most iconic Marvel superheroes ever. Wielding the famous vibranium (one of the rarest and strongest substances ever) shield with the American colours on it, he is also a master combatant, and a tactical genius. However, that doesn't make him unbeatable.

Here are seven DC characters who can beat Captain America in a fight, in no particular order.

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Because he's the Batman! No, just kidding.

Bet you saw that coming. The first character that comes to mind is Batman. I don't even need to explain this one a lot. Batman is one of the best (maybe even the best) martial artist and fighter on the planet. Being a billionaire helps too, with which he can create amazing tech. Not to mention he is a genius, and has plans for everything. Every situation you could possibly think of. And, like Iron Man, he has different Batsuits to fight against different people, with different abilities.

Did I mention he has already beaten Captain America in a fight? In a crossover comics series published by DC and Marvel, characters were pit against each other, and Bats emerged as the winner against Cap. Surely, he can do it again.

Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

Also known as The World's Greatest Acrobat, Grayson grew up in a circus before his parents were murdered, and was then adopted by Bruce Wayne. He went on to become the very first Boy Wonder (Robin), founded the Teen Titans, and later, took up the mantle of Nightwing, protecting the city of Bludhaven. As he used to be an acrobat, he is even more agile and fluent in his movements than Batman, which makes him really dangerous. Along with all that, he possesses various gadgets provided by Batman (Batarangs, Batrope, etc), and two Escrima sticks.

Nightwing has already beaten Batman in combat multiple times, and we all know how good he is... Batman even admitted that Nightwing is better than him, and that means something!


Bane - the one guy who 'Broke the Bat.' Literally. Bane is ENORMOUSLY strong, and a master of various fighting styles. Anyone who can defeat Batman in physical combat that easily is not to be trifled with. His strength is increased exponentially with the Venom serum, which makes him nearly invulnerable. He could probably wreck Cap. Easy decision there.

Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

You have failed this city.
You have failed this city.

The Green Arrow is quite similar to Batman, though not that good (let's be real, no one is as good as Batman... except Batman). As his name suggests, he primarily uses a bow and arrow as his weapon. Not just any random one, his arsenal is full of all sorts of trick and weapon arrows. In addition to that, he is a proficient hand-to-hand combatant, as well as a good tactician. Certainly is huge possibility that he could take down the First Avenger.


Presumably no one expected him to be on the list. Most people aren't even aware that this guy exists, or that he is a DC character. However, he hasn't had crossovers with any other hero/villain in the mainstream DC Universe, so its debatable whether he can be accepted or not. As he is owned by DC Comics, and was written by a famous DC writer (Alan Moore, you might know him from The Killing Joke), I decided to include him on the list.

If you have seen the movie V for Vendetta, you will know what I am talking about. V is a master planner, and also excellent at close quarters combat. His primary weapons are knives, using which he can cause a LOT of chaos. Check out the clip below to see him in action.

Clearly, with those lightning fast reflexes and fluid movements, he has the skill to beat Captain America in a fight. After all, he took out a whole squad of police officers before they even managed to reload their guns!

Azrael (Jean Paul Valley)

Azrael once used to be Batman's sidekick (no, not as Robin). However, he was too violent, angry, and impulsive, quite similar to Jason Todd. What a lot of people don't know about Azrael is that he took up the mantle of Batman for a while. After none other than Bane (who, coincidentally, is also on the list) nearly killed Batman, Azrael put on the cowl and resumed the hunt against Gotham's criminals. The major difference? He killed them mercilessly. He is a force to be reckoned with, and has a good shot at defeating Cap.

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)

Slade Wilson is basically the DC version of Deadpool (or rather, I should say that Deadpool is the Marvel version of Deathstroke, as Marvel admits they ripped him off to make fun of the character). He is excellent in martial arts, sword fighting, and even better with guns. Being a mercenary, he has had experience fighting all sorts of opponents, thus, providing him with a huge amount of experience.

So there, that's my pick for seven DC characters (without superpowers), who have the ability to beat Captain America. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments, and follow my page for more content!


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