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Matt Marshall
...d forest so that he could care for it. This is basic Middle Earth lore. 1) As for Gimli and the three hairs per Tolkien Gimli loved Lady Galadriel at first sight. When asked what he would do with the hair Gimli said that he would place them in crystal as a pledge good will between Elves and Dwarfs. But this goes further when Gimli is talking to Eomer at the end of LOTR 953 when Eomer tells Gimli that Lady Galadriel is not the fairest but he has chosen Queen Arewen Evenstar. At this Gimli says thta you have chosen the evening but my love is given to the morning. 3) I'm skipping 3 because CGI wasn't part of the writting other than for a description why there is a fan theory for this is to odd. 4) OK Gollum. It was after he took the ring from the dead body of his cousin Deagol (who he killed) he started to make a gurgling sound from his throat for this his family started to call him Gollum. Yes Smeago/ Gollum was split personality but this was centuries living alone and under the rings infuence. He would refer to himself and the ring as my prciiouss confusing the two entities. Other aspects of his corruption by the one ring is his flesh being burned by the elvenn rope and Lembas tasted like dust to him. So golumm is not a separate entity from him. 5) Bilbo sorry guys but this was again the rings influence the people that last wore it. The reason as to why he referedd to the ring as my prciiouss was from his time with Gollum and the telling and retelling of his trip (There and Back Again a Hobbits jounrey). 6)) Isildur per per any of Tolkiens books never said my precious. This was done just for the movie and only the movie. Per the books he was advised to destroy the ring but said he woulg keep it safe "as weregild for my father and my brother. Remberr sometimes you need to read the books to get all the details.

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