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I'm a total geek

I'm sure we've all seen these pictures a dozen times already and everybody's asking where the hell is Scarlett Witch? There are a lot of theories suggesting that she harmed/killed innocent people while helping take down crossbones and was arrested or that she was arrested for her crimes against Sokovia.

What I want to know is why Thor isn't there, I'm pretty sure that I heard that Chris Hemsworth couldn't make filming due to other reasons but I want to know how it's explained in the film.

On to the topic at hand. Where is Hulk? I think he's on caps team and that he's sort of been in plain sight all along. (Mild spoilers for Age of Ultron lie ahead)

Who is flying that plane? I think it could be Hulk because at the end of Age of Ultron we see hulk fly of into the sunset in one of Ultrons planes. In all concept art of caps team that I've seen I have also seen that plane. It could also be Nick Fury or an Agent of Shield.


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