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There are a plethora of inappropriate movies out there that we all can enjoy watching as grow adults, but sometimes when we are with others, they can become a tad bit awkward. I'm sure a lot of us have been watching a movie when some nudity or sex pops up suddenly and catches us all off guard. For me, no awkward moment has ever surpassed the one involving my mom and The Wolf of Wall Street.

If you have ever seen this amazing movie, you will know that is brilliant, but also brilliantly vulgar. I remember sitting next to my mom in the theater as we settled in to watch a movie with the legendary collaboration of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese and we were talking about our expectations for the film. Within 2 short minutes, Leo was snorting cocaine out of a hooker's anus. The damage was done, and there were still so much left to see. This is a 3 hour long epic that spans decades of Jordan Belort's life and with only two minutes in there were butts and breasts galore. The sweat on my brown and the tension in my gut were pulsating and taking control of my entire body. I could not believe that I had to sit, arms touching, with my mom while I watched a three-way, public sex, oral sex, a penis, drugs being done off and out of body cavities, and breasts popping up at any moment. I have no issue with any of these things, but when you're sitting next to your mom (who I already don't have the best relationship with) it makes these taboo subjects even more difficult to endure.

This is me dancing out of the theaters.
This is me dancing out of the theaters.

Luckily by the time the film had ended, I had to rush straight off to work. I didn't have any time to decompress and ask her how she enjoyed the longest and most awkward movie in existence, and she didn't have any time to ask me. It was perfect, but till this day, we both are so hesitant about watching any R-rated movie together. Neither of us want to go through this experience ever again. On a high note, The Wolf of Wall Street is a masterpiece of cinema and I do really enjoy the film (when I watch it by myself). Thanks for reading guys!


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