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Kevin Haldon

I normally write articles about Superheroes and things like that but this really wowed me.

Over the last decade there has been an actress out there who has increasingly lost my faith in her ability's. However a video recently surfaced on YouTube that has helped remind me how great an actress she once was.

This talented lady, back in the year 2000 was still undergoing acting classes and from this short video it is obvious to see why she won an Oscar that same year for Girl Interrupted.

Thats right people Angelina Jolie in the early throws of her career, putting everything on the table and showing us how great she can be. Raw, Emotional and Talented as hell.

As of late she has gone down in my estimations but today I am reminded how truly great and powerful she could be.... Man I wish she was still turning in performances like this. Not The Tourist....

Enjoy the video people.

Kevin Haldon


Does a Young Angelina's Talent Impress you???


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