BySkyy Walker, writer at
Skyy Walker
You are the TRASH of America, and YOU need to leave. Seriously. If this thread was actually talking about the fight MORE than the way they dress and act, maybe you could get an education and understand just how stupid or rather asinine your comments are.... Your comments have been basically racist in nature and filled with just the nastiest kind of hate. If you aren't surprised to see a Black Entertainer act like this, most people with common sense would ask WHY. However being the key words there are common sense you sir clearly lack this trait. You have ripped a WHOLE race for the few idiots among them. Im sorry to inform you that ALL races have their fair share of idiots sir, as clearly you must lead a faction yourself. Please hurry and get some sort of education about the world around you, but until you do, for the love of Mike STFU. I would rather listen to Nikki or Miley until I knew every song by heart and my ears and eyes were bleeding than know you breathe the same air as the rest of us. You and people like you should not be heard from let alone seen. If you cant figure out how to add to the conversation without completely showing your ass, why bother? Now that I have given you a personal comment all about you, and recognized your need for attention, can you please just STFU and go away? Thanks so much. If not there are other boards dedicated to your need to make this completely racial, but I suggest you change your picture first, they may end up turning on you because of it.

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