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Nathaniel Rego

Ellen Page returns in the future sequel to Supernatural aka Beyond 2 Souls as Jodie Holmes as does Jodie's unseen supernatural twin brother Aiden. In Beyond 2 Souls 2 aka Supernatural 2, coming in 2016 to PS4 and Playstation Vita (PSV), Jodie and Aiden reunite with another person like her who is none other than Zoey daughter of homeless woman Hope from the previous game. Since Jodie's success of preventing a deranged Nathan Dawkins (mocapped and voiced by William DaFoe) from unleashing hell on Earth in the end of the last game, she, Aiden, and Zoey now along with her boyfriend formally of the CIA must prevent a new threat from engulfing mankind in forces from the infamous Infaworld, a hell like dimension where lost souls such as Dawkins' dead wife and child roam for eternity.

Originally this game was prone for a 2015 release date but a month ago, it was postponed to a 2016 release date. So, prepare to play as Jodie again (mocapped and voiced by Ellen Page) in Supernatural 2 on PSV and PS4 in 2016.


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