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I believe that Stefen Fangmeier, the director of the Eragon film, made a horrendous adaption of the brilliant book 1 of the inheritance cycle. First of all Eragon has brown hair and eyes. Second, Where is Horst? Katrina? With the help of these two, Eragon got away from Sloan with the egg and meat. Third, where did the idea of soldiers coming to take away sons come from? That isn't in the book, and Roran leaves for a job in Therinsford. Fourth, Why soldiers in the first place? It should be the Ra'zac, soldiers don't come into Carvahall until the second book. Fifth, WHY? Why did he change the character of Arya? She's an elf! Not a damsel in distress. Sixth, no where in the book does it say that if a rider dies, so does his dragon! And also, it is Eragon who is injured in the end of this book, not saphira. Seventh, THE SHADE DOESN'T HAVE/ CREATE HIS OWN DRAGON!!!!

Eragon is given this injury by the Shade
Eragon is given this injury by the Shade
This is How Arya is meant to look
This is How Arya is meant to look

I could say so much about the terrible adaption to this film, I can also say that Christopher Paolini made a mistake selling the rights to make the book into a film. However I do believe that with the right director and the correct script, this film can be remade, I have my dream cast that I believe would be close to being the right actor/ actress for the roles in this book, I would love to hear yours.

Eragon - Thomas Brodie Sangster

Saphira - Celina Jade

Brom- John Hurt

Murtach - Skandar Keynes

Arya - Megan Fox

Roran - Robbie Amell

Garrow - Tony Goldwyn

Horst - Kellan Lutz

Elain - Moon Bloodgood

Baldor - Sam Worthington

Albriech - Dakota Goyo

Sloan - William Hurt

Katrina - AJ Cook
Jeod - Mel Gibson

Angela - Jaimie Alexander

Solembum - Asa Buterfield

Ajihad - Idris Elba

Nasuada - Zoe Saldana

Orik - Christian Bale

Hrothgar - Brian Blessed

The Twins - Alexander Skarsgard


Why did Eragon learn to fight with his left hand when he was right handed?


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