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What do we know?

1- What Do you mean is a song on it

2- A song about heartbreak is on it

3- It will be more Upbeat and R&B. Still some Pop songs.

4- It will be more than 13 Songs.

5- Every song might have a music video/Lyric video

6- There will be a lot of questions

7- It is in stores and on Itunes on 13 November 2015

8- It will be about his life experience, Relationships, What he did wrong, Etc

9- It will be good

10- He worked hard on it

11- Skrillex, Kanye West, Rick and Diplo are on it a lot.

We have predicted that the album will be like this:

1- What Do You Mean (Produced by Skrillex)

2- Heart Drop (Love Ballad, Self written, self produced, highest vocals he has) (It will definitly be on the album)

3- ... (Ft. Lil Wayne)

4- ...? (Ft Kanye West, Produced by Kanye West)

5- ...? (Ft Wiz Khalifa)

6- Heartbreak song

7- ...? (Produced by Skrillex FT Jack U)

8- ...

9- ...? (Ft Ed Sheeran, Produced by Rick)

10- ...? (Ft Rihanna, Produced by Kanye West)

11- ...? (Ft Tori Kelly)

12- ...? (Ft Pia Mia, Tyga and Khalil, produced by Skrillex)


14- ... (Ft Chris Brown, produced by Jack U))

15- ... (Ft Jason Derulo & Austin Mahone)

Bonus Tracks

1- ... (Ft Cody Simpson) (1 they toke of the album they did but didn't publice)

2- ...

3- ... (1 of the album he trowd away, but he liked)

4- ...

That's what we think, Scooter said, the album is normal, but there are more bonus tracks, it's really expensive.

Heart Drop: It's a song that is more a part 2 of Where Are U Now, but slower. It's about how his heart broke and dropped and stopped when his girl left him. The music video will be longer than 6 Minutes, the song will be arround 3:30. The chorus will be like:

My Heart dropped, I can feel my heart stop. I think my heart will drop. U left me all alone, singing this song. What did i do wrong? Baby come home. My heart broke into 100 pieces, please complete the puzzle baby. Don't u love me? My heart broke, my heart dropped. Baby i feel that my heart will stop. I think my heart will drop. Isn't there hope? U left me hanging when i needed rope.

He publiced a pic with "Hook" and under that this lyrics, but deleted it right away.


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