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I've watched every Star Wars and marvel movie. I've read almost every comic book of both star wars and Marvel. I love star wars and marvel!

Ok so jj abrams said that kylo ren is not a sith... i think he is a force sensitive that wants to be a sith. He builds a crossguard flambredge lightsaber with a red synthetic dark side of the force powered crystal. These crystals that the sith found a way to make, were potentially more powerful and customizable yet far less stable. As for the idea that he has a master still has yet to be seen, however, i believe that with the sith gone, kylo ren has dedicated his life to rebuild the sith order and bring about the next generation and evolution of not only the sith teachings and philosophy, but the sith way of life, making him the ultimate master of the dark side.Kylo ren will not be a flood of water that will dround you, but rather a rock coming to crush you. I have examined his weapon and i came to a conclusion. His starting stance will be holding the weapon in one hand, or activating the weapon in one hand and holding his hand out to his side in both an offensive and defensive posture, indicating that he is a practitioner of form 2 makashi and form six niman. When he activates the weapon holding it with both hands and attacking withit secured in his grip suggests that he is also a practitioner of form 5 shien dejem so.


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