ByJamie D Eddy, writer at
Jamie D Eddy
...he best chance of earthbound heroes), Venom (who could and did beat Superman in a manner) and with a supremely hard battle Wolverine. There are many who could beat the Hulk. And not like Batman with the "correct set of circumstances" like he needs to beat Superman. While I would normally agree with a lot of X characters beating other Marvel characters because they are often viewed as underdogs, I don't think Apocalypse wins that one. En Sabah Nur did ambush Banner once and force him to turn and converted the Hulk into War. But in and outright fight the Hulk sheer relentless tenacity and surprising speed would knock Apocalypse 6 ways til Sunday before he can rally a good defense. There are many who can beat the Hulk. But the Hulk has taken on the multiple X teams at the same time and won. The same teams that beat Apocalypse back all the time. And Spider-Man? Peter is strong and smart as hell, but all he's ever managed to do was hold the Hulk back or at most delay him. Similar to Peters Juggernaut fight, the Hulk is a force of nature to Peter so I'm not to sure about that one.

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