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Now that the MCU Phase 2 is over, it’s time to start looking ahead to Phase 3 and what it has in store. And that now leaves us to do the one thing fans are best at, namely, speculating on what will happen and what we’d like to see happen. For my part, here’s a list of a few things I’d like to see happen. I’m sure most of them won’t, but it’s always nice to dream.


Let me start off by saying I would be shocked if this actually happened. Hawkeye is the one character that constantly has rumors flying around that he will be killed off, but he has been a great member of The Avengers for almost as long as they’ve been around in the comics. There hasn’t been as much done with him in the moves as a lot of fans would like and this would be the perfect way to throw a new twist into his story. And it would make perfect sense too. After [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), he isn’t slated to pop back up again until Infinity War, which will be an epic super powered throw down. And in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), Hawkeye already said it was crazy that he was fighting robots on a flying island with a bow and arrow. So how crazy would it be for him to be fighting Thanos in space with all of reality on the line the same way? But in a great twist, they could have him take some Pym Particles right before they fly out to space and reinvent himself as Goliath. The precedence is there in the comics. He did it multiple times when he felt the team needed that extra bit of power. How great would it be to see him shooting arrows at Thanos who just laughs them off and asks him, “Is that all you’ve got?”, only to have Hawkeye reply, “Well, there is this.” and then grow 50 feet tall and smash Thanos with a massive fist? You might get a cheer out of the audience on par with the Hulks showdown with Loki in Avengers.


It was great to see Vision introduced in Age of Ultron and Paul Bettany did a fantastic job playing him, but I did leave the theater with one question about him. When Ultron and Dr. Cho were creating him, Dr. Cho made a comment that the vibranium was bonding perfectly with the tissue. But whose tissue did it bond with to create the Vision? It’s never stated in the movie but it would be interesting to see who it is and how that will affect the characters future. Who provided the tissue, Ultron or Dr. Cho? And where did they get it? In the comics, the Visions original origin was that he was the remodeled body of the original Human Torch with Wonder Mans brain waves. It is unlikely Wonder Man has anything to do with the MCU version since he hasn’t been introduced yet, but could it be the Torch? He did have a blink and you’ll miss it cameo at the beginning of Captain America: the First Avenger. Could it be that Ultron found out about him and, since he was the earliest example of artificial intelligence, repurposed him for his own use? If that is the case, could we see a flash back to WW2 with Paul Bettany playing the Human Torch? Perhaps he could even run across Cap or Namor and we could have a mini Invaders story. That would be amazing to see on screen.


Sure, it’s clear that the shows and movies exist in the same world, but let’s see them linked a little more. So far we’ve seen that anything major in the movies effects Agents of Shield on tv, and occasionally someone from the movie side will pop up in the show to remind you they’re linked, but that’s it. How about have a couple Avengers like show up on a 2 episode arc to help Coulson and the team out? Or have Hawkeye join up for a little while and throw some tension into the show with a Hawkeye/Mockingbird/Hunter love triangle? And at some point don’t the Avengers have to find out that Coulson is still alive? How great would it be to have him show up in Civil War to help out Cap’s side at a critical juncture?

It would also be nice to see the network and Netflix shows have some interaction. Maybe show Shield keeping tabs on Daredevil on one episode of AOS or have one of the Shield crew show up on an episode of one of the Netflix shows to help out. And it would be great to see Cap and Iron Man approach Daredevil or Deathlock about joining up in Civil War. Also, who wouldn’t want to see Black Widow show up on a few episodes of Daredevil?


As great as the Marvel movies and shows have been, the one glaring problem is the lack of strong villians that could pose an ongoing threat. Almost every villain that’s appeared in a movie has been killed off by the end. Loki has been great every time he’s appeared, but what do we have other than that? Thanos and Klaw have been teased for future movies, Crossbones will be showing up at least briefly in Civil War and The Abomination was locked up and apparently forgotten about at the end of Hulk, but that’s it. The Red Skull, Iron Monger, Whiplash, Aldrich Killian, Ultron, Ronin, Yellowjacket, all one and done. How great would it be to see and Avengers movie where the plot is that all the villians locked up in the Raft escape and the Avengers have to round them up? The Avengers vs. the Masters of Evil would make for a great movie and could easily tie in with AOS. The Avengers tackle the major bad guys in the movies while Shield rounds up the second tier baddies on tv. You could even have a few pop up to cause problems for The Defenders on the Netflix side.

So what do you think? Would you like to see any of these happen in Phase 3? What else would you like to see happen that hasn’t been announced already? Post your comments below.


What would you most like to see in the MCU Phase 3?


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