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Greetings & salutations faithful readers! With the smell of freshly mowed fields, the feel of newly stitched pig leather, and the roaring charge of a million fanatics, we welcome the new 2015 season of the National Football League with great admiration and many sacrifices for the football gods.

This year I've decided to reward you the loyal follower with the blessing of my weekly and fantasy picks. Be sure to join us every week this year for our 3rd annual Friends in Square Places FanDuel BEAT DOWN open to all NFL fans!

And now for the picks! I will be using the Las Vegas WESTGATE SUPERBOOK LINE MOVEMENTS which are usually the best odds and have a pretty mean Philly cheese steak.



Thursday, September 10, 2015 8:30pm EST

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots

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Checking the Gamecenter one would be inclined to think that the "Stealers" (spelled correctly) will have a dominating performance and that may have been the case had it not been for the boyish charms of everyone's favorite neighborhood quarterback son of Satan. But alas Brady has seemingly beaten all cheating charges and and with a snap of his fingers, looks to make his 15th consecutive start. Being a Jets fan one thing I've learned is know your enemy. And if I know Brady he'll ease into the game because of his rough pre-season but once he is comfortable he will take over.

The odds were holding steady with New England being a -7 favorite over the Burgh on the Pats home turf. Kind of surprising if you ask me but maybe Vegas is waiting to see Brady stretching in a uniform before making the bet. Expect a ton of money of the Pats come game day. At 51 in total points scored I'm tempted to take the over considering the Pats are not only out for blood but also it's the first game of the year and that usually means no defense. People are still learning out there so expect big plays and easy scores in many of the games featuring top players.

Usually when Pittsburgh has an off year they bounce back the next, but I'm still skeptical they've recovered from their purge two years ago. Usually the steel city is known for having steel defenses but ranked 18th in total team and 29th in points and yards allowed last year I'm not sure if they amount for anything more than a paper weight this year.


New England


*UPDATE: In an interview today, Captain America himself gave his take on his favorite team.


Colts @ Bills

Being a Jets fan one might think it would be weird to see Rex Ryan coaching the Bills but considering the Jets fire their staff every three years or so I can tell you I'm fine and this is nothing new. Most fans knew Ryan was done with the Jets when he failed to win the Super Bowl his first year anyway so there.

The Bills are in good hands if Tyrod Taylor works out whose saving grace will be a loaded team that should be able to give him options right away. But bear this in mind from experience, the second things start to get rocky get ready Bills fans cause it's just the start of the Rex Ryan Ride.

Westgate has the Bills as +3 underdogs which is the perfect place for them to be. If the game is close throughout you'll be in danger of an upset but have no fear when you've got Luck on your side. He may be 1-2 so far in his career as an opening day starter but with the "New U" in Andre Johnson & Frank Gore, the play-action should be open. Ryan will keep it close but he needs a shut down corner for his scheme to work and I don't think they have that yet.


28 -17

*Rex Ryan is 5-1 on opening day...

Packers @ Bears

With a high octane offense and high expectations once again, the "Man with the Golden Gun" Aaron Rodgers hopes to silence any critics starting to point out that he hasn't been back to the Big Game since his one appearance in 2010. Packers fans are a lot like NBA fans in that they are just waiting for the post season but I wouldn't be so quick to hop on the train when a ticket hasn't been issued. Your butt will get bounced off quick in a always testy NFL North that has Adrian Peterson coming off a whole years rest. And let's not forget the Pack is starting off the season heavily depleted once again, a quality that is becoming somewhat routine under the Mike McCarthy regime. Where in Chicago a new pump of coaching blood hopes to be the thing to get Jay Cutler going who undoubtedly should be on his last straw. His 7 year contract is now looking like a deal with the Devil considering his output. Ranked 13th among passers in 2014 and 15th team overall it's obvious that Cutler is not gonna be the guy to do it on his own. And with a 16 million dollar salary for next year and no playoff appearances since 2010 I seriously doubt Chicago will have the patience for him.

Packers are a steady -6.5 since 8/27 and the total points at 50. Even considering their last 3 meetings i'll still take the under, but just barely.

Rodgers is 4-3 as an opening day starter with his last 3 losses coming consecutively. His last opening day win was in 2011 against New Orleans and against Chicago it was in 2009 in a 21-15 win.




Panthers @ Jaguars

With Kelvin Benjamin loss for the season it's gonna be up to Cam Newton to find a way to score. In Jacksonville Blake Bortles has passed the eye test with flying colors and now we will see if he can make it happen during the regular season. I really liked what I saw during preseason when the Jags got going. Problem is that they are still the Jags and will stumble along as they go. But I don't think Carolina is that much better. I'll take the Jaguars to cover on a late game TD.




Browns @ Jets

I've avoided most information when it came to this new Todd Bowles lead era because I wanted to start the season fresh. Completely new perspective completely objective. The Rex Ryan foot massage and butt fumble jokes honestly wore me out. So now that we've moved on I didn't want to scrutinize the new coaching staff and gm's every move. I wanted the performance on the field to judge for it self. Even though the Jets went 3-1 during preseason you have to still hold back because everyone will all agree that it's only preseason. But I did like what I saw from coaching as they played with what they had and still found a way to get players to compete.

Meme by CobraVerde
Meme by CobraVerde

Look I have no idea who will be the QB. I've seen Fitzpatrick bounce from team to team and I am not about to believe that he is all of a sudden going to benefit from this new system. This is the Jets. I predict Petty will be starting by mid season if Fitzpatrick doesn't go 3-1 or better. It's crazy I know but it's also New York and the media will bury the Jets like they usually do.

The Browns are coming in also in the same QB boat with Josh McCown gaining the starting job while Manziel is sidelined with an elbow injury. Seems like not only did Petite inherit Ryan's defensive tactics he took his offensive curses with him as well. But this isn't Ryan's Jets anymore and are poised to still have one of the toughest defenses in the league.



*Jets are 3-0 in the last three meeting against the Browns

*The Browns have someone suspended at every level for Week 1: Management, Coaching, & player

*The Browns traded Julio Jones for 5 players, none of them are on the current roster...

Don't take my word for it when it's the Jets...
Don't take my word for it when it's the Jets...

Dolphins @ Redskins

*UPSET ALERT- Since 1987 when the Dolphins face the Redskins they have traded Wins and Losses with the last meeting in 2011 having gone to the Dolphins. Coincidence?


Chiefs @ Texans

Seahawks @ Rams

Saints @Cardinals

Lions @ Chargers

Ravens @ Broncos

Bengals @ Raiders

Titans @ Buccaneers

Sunday Night Football

8:30p EST Giants @ Cowboys

Monday Night Football

7:10p EST Eagles @ Falcons

10:20p EST Vikings @ 49ers


For our week 1 opening the super risky pick I'm taking is Detroit Lions Running Back Ameer Abdullah. I needed to make room for Andre Johnson and after a breakout pre-season I think he has the speed and reckless abandonment to have an early special teams return and score. Even with Joique Bell & Theo Riddick ahead of him he should get a chance to make a few runs especially if the score gets high and he can make catches on the run.

That's all for now sports fans! Remember to play responsibly and Moviepilot, FISP & Studio Mogura are not responsible for your bad gambling habits and terrible fantasy football choices.

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