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Since the Comic-Con trailer for Suicide Squad has came out, I've heard both positive and negative reactions of Jared Leto's Joker. Now no offense, but why does everyone hate him. I think he'll make a good Joker, and we just have to see how good he does in the movie. So let's me give you reasons why I think he's an alright choice.

1.) He's Different from the Others

Over the years, each incarnation of the Joker has given us something different. Cesar Romero from 1966's Batman series gave us the comical side of the character. Jack Nicholson brought out the gangster side of him. Heath Ledger gave us the anarchist side of the character. And Jared Leto is the psychopathic side of him. The one who truly brings together all of these at one time is Mark Hamill's portrayal. Which brings me to my next point.

2.) He Brings Us What the Others Didn't

Like I said earlier, Jared Leto is the psychopathic side of the Joker. He's definitely crazy as he has tattoos. Most people hate him for both those and the metal caps on his teeth. I know why though. After he beat Jason Todd to a pulp and blew him up, Batman found out and probably knocked all of Joker's teeth out. And the tattoos are his crazy way of remembering life events. The jester skull is maybe the day Harleen Quinzel turned into Harley Quinn, and the robin wing is when he brutalized Jason Todd. Now, bringing up the next point...

3.) The Joker CANNOT Possibly Be Jason Todd

I'm starting to hate the theory that Jason Todd is the Joker. It really is getting on my nerves. I know it could be cool, but that ruins the character completely and if Jason was indeed the Joker, then we couldn't get Red Hood in future DC movies.

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Is Jared Leto as The Joker an okay choice?


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