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Recent details have emerged that Ben Affleck's incarnation of Batman is older and more of a myth than an actual established and well-known hero in Gotham City. Some people don't like the idea as he is an older Batman and would likely be established among the people of Gotham City. But down below are reasons why it actually perfect to have him at urban legend status.

Gotham City considered him a menace and never accepted him

In most incarnations you see Batman usually established in Gotham City and the people of Gotham are aware of Batman presence over the city. But in this new DC movie-verse, Batman is still considered a myth and a vigilante by some. This obviously means that the people of Gotham never came to accept Batman acts and more than likely considered him a public menace and just as worst as the people he locks up. Also to add very few people have actually interacted with the Batman himself other than let's say Gordon(if he did at one point existed in this universe), the villains of Gotham City and average street thugs who have had a less than desirable encounter. Ben's Batman is clearly an established hero in his own right but i guess he was never truly was able to win over the hearts of the people of Gotham.

Government pressure

Rumors are suggesting that Batman and the government aren't exactly the best of friends. It has been reported that the government has footage of the Batman and want him captured and with capturing him will lead to more "supers". This makes sense seeing as how Batman isn't the type of guy to follow authoritative and usually goes his own path when it comes to taking care of the thugs of Gotham City. It actually reminiscent of 'The Dark Knight Returns' where the government is having problems with the Batman and send Superman to take care of him. Now i have theories regarding Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and the government but for possible spoilers to some people i won't say...for now.

Superman involved

One thing that has always been a constant rifting force between Superman and Batman is that Superman never agrees with the way Batman handles crime and is pretty much regarded as a menace. He often always suggests that there are better ways to do things but of course knowing Batman he never listens and is too stubborn. It looks like it going down that same path in Batman v. Superman as it looks like Clark Kent is investigating Batman and most likely doesn't agree with the way Batman handles crime. He even says in the trailer "This bat-vigilante is a one man reign of terror". So obviously he already doesn't see eye to eye with Batman explaining the face off on the batmobile between the two. It actually reminds me of a similar scene in the comics.

In the 'Man of Steel' comics, Superman flies over to Gotham City because he considers Batman an outlaw and is there to take him to jail (obviously he doesn't). So in Dawn of Justice more than likely Superman considers Batman tactics to be criminal like and is there to confront him about it.

He a force to be reckoned with

Batman being regarded as this mythic force that very few people have seen just screams epicness to me in so many ways. Just imagine Batman taking out a bunch of criminals quickly and with such brutal force and then slowly creeps back out into the dark alleyways of Gotham. People I truly think we are gonna get the best live-action Batman ever. I mean that quick shot in the trailer where Batman takes out two guys so quickly but with force almost made me cry. This scene is probably when he comes out of retirement and is looking for some criminals he can spring his forceful, brutal wrath on. Reminds me of another comic panel, this time from The Dark Knight Returns.

This incarnation of Batman is truly going to impose his wrath on criminals and hopefully a certain superhuman as well. So far so good.

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