ByMichele Teets, writer at

When you think of Friday the 13th, you automatically think of a not- so- gentle giant in a hockey mask, carrying a machete. I've practically seen all Jason's movies, and you I ow what I've really noticed? He's angry. So unlike Freddy Krueger, he has passion. Even though he isn't necessarily alive, he is in a way. He misses his mother, who he witnessed being killed. That's sad, so did you ever notice that in books, movies, TV shows, the person you're ruting for does a lot of bad things, but you don't hold it against him or her? I had that kind of experience about Jason. Even though you may be next, you have to feel bad for him. If you have him hypnotized for a moment because you're dressed up like his mother, he stays still for a while, then goes back to killing. So it's funny that way. In the next Friday the 13th, they should have Jason being the same serial killer we all remember, but make some interesting changes to it to make something different. That way it's not all the same thing.


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