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It's often been said that [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) will turn out very differently to the comic book story, and that seems pretty obvious judging by the huge lack of characters in the MCU that were in the comics. But there are some other things that seem unlikely to happen. One of these is...

The Thor Clone!


Yes, in the original story Civil War, Tony Stark and Reed Richards created a clone of Thor from DNA Tony got after the very first meeting of the Avengers. Unfortunately the clone went insane and ended up killing Goliath (Bill Foster). This was one of the most major events in the series, especially as it resulted in many of the heroes switching sides, and showed the real consequences of war. Now, obviously a clone of Thor would be pretty farfetched to put into the cinematic universe. However, it is possible that Tony could create a different version of another fellow Avenger, specifically...

Red Hulk!


Now, hear me out. It has long been rumoured that Red Hulk will appear in the third Captain America film, as William Hurt has been announced as reprising his role of General "Thunderbolt" Ross from The Incredible Hulk. Ross is well known in the comics for turning into the Red Hulk, and this is how the origin could go down.

Tony, in an attempt to better his position in the war after a defeat by Rogers, asks General Ross, who has long hated the Hulk, to do something drastic in order to help win the war. He reveals that he has Banner's DNA, and has figured out how to use it to ignite the Hulk gene within anyone. Ross agrees, and becomes the Red Hulk. Unfortunately, this drives him temporarily insane, and in the first battle he takes part in, he kills a member of Cap's team. Immediately he regains his sanity, and seeing what he has done, surrenders himself to Tony and the rest of his team. He is locked away for the rest of the film.

What next?

There has been a lot of discussion that introducing Red Hulk could lead to a Thunderbolts team in TV or film form. I figure that in the mid or post credits scene of the film, Black Widow goes to Ross' cell and talks to him about redemption. She gives him the infamous "I've got red in my ledger, so do you. Want a chance to erase it?" And he nods his head. She says "I'm putting together a new team, want in?" And again, he nods.

This is perfect, because originally Hawkeye was involved in the starting of the team, having previously been a villain, however this universe's Hawkeye has no shady past like his comic book counterpart, and Natasha does. Short of making a solo Black Widow movie, the best way to use her outside of the Avengers is to make her head of her own team, like the Thunderbolts.

This could really bring together Marvel's own version of the Suicide Squad, and would enable many smaller characters to get their own place on a team. Other members could include Hawkeye (not for redemption, but to join Natasha's team), some minor villains like Crossbones (if he survives Civil War), any other villain introduced in phase three (Venom?) and villains from TV like Grant Ward, Punisher or Kingpin!

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