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...n't want to take the time to readthe books) but 3 rings for the Elf Lords (Elrond, Giladriel, and Cirdan... Cirdan sailed to the Westinglands and entrusted his ring to Gandalf) 7 for the Dwarf Lords, whose hearts were full of greed, and so had no room for the corruption of Malbeth or Sauron... and 9 rings to the Kings of Men, that above all lusted for power, and gifted with long life and wasted away, and withered into shadow... there are your 9 Ringwraiths... and Tom is older than Sauron, and not as old as the Balrogs. Christopher Tolkein released a compendium of his father's notes, and authored some gap-fillers, and wrote a bit about the origins of Tom and Goldberry in the book of the Chronicles of Middle Earth, and another book the Adventures of Tom Bombadil. Goldberry is a River Spirit (like a Celestial) and Tom is the Forest Spirit, created after the Land was made.... in some views, Christopher corrupted what his father created, but I think it ass to the mysticism of Middle Earth.... so much is unknown...

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