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My opinion of all of the spider-man movies from best to worst. before i begin i am a huge fan but this is my opinion so if you don't agree than im sorry oh and also i enjoyed all of them so by worst i mean least favorite

1.The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Hold the rocks and pitchforks yes, i enjoyed Garfield's take on spider-man so much that it quickly became my favorite spider-man movie almost immediately. It was dark when it needed to be and it tells what happened to peter parents (well not really). I loved this movie and the crain swing is the best part of the whole freaking movie

2. Spider-man 2 (2004)

Next up is the second of three movies in Sam rami's movies. Toby maguire is great in this movie and its not just about spider-man fighting doc ock on a subway train its about peter Parker trying to cope with his powers and gives up and he also has to deal with his revenge crazed best friend Harry Osborne who well you know what happens at the end of the movie.

and the score oh man i love Danny Elfman

3.Spider-man (2002)

next up is the one that started this all. Two Years after X-men came Spider-man no one anticipated that it whold be so freaking good and it was really great i remember seeing it in theater twice as a kid and loved it.

4. The Amazing Spider-man 2 (2014)

Next up is Andrew Garfield final take as Spider-man. I don't think its that bad but it was really stupid at points when it should be dark like the first one but they toned it down like a lot. The villains are wasted in this movie Electro is fighting spider-man five minuets before getting destroyed by the same freaking thing that made him. The fight between green goblin is really short...oh and Gwen Stacy fate in this movie one word REALLY. But i also found enjoyment in it and saw it two more times when it was in theaters and bought a five dollar poster at wal-mart

5. Spider-man 3 (2007)

Que the dancing black suited emo peter Parker. holy hell is this movie disappointing i did not realize it untill i watched it again the other day. Yes like i said i enjoy them all but this one is a guilty pleasure from hell itself

another spider-man movie with wasted villains like VENOM yes you know i was going to go there. new goblin sucks two and sandman was good i guess i mean the entire time i was watching this movie i felt bad for him. he is only trying to cure his daughter of her illness

anyway there is my opinion of all of the spider man movies whats your opinion comment below and let me know


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