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Whats up guys its me, its me, its the A-L-E-Double X with Episode 4 of "Worth It?", and today I'll give you my thoughts on the upcoming film "The Perfect Guy" and I'll ask you the question and you give me the answer on weather or not the movie will be worth it. Now this movie will start Michael Ealy, Sanaa Lathan, & Morris Chestnut, now the two characters of Morris and Sanaa have been dating for a while, then Sanaa wants to get married, but Morris says no...stuff happens and then Michael Ealy's character wants to be Sana's boyfriend and he is everything he wants, which makes the title of the movie, "The Perfect Guy", later we know that Micheal's character is this jealous boyfriend that just attacks anybody just because he is the jealous. Now if you watch the trailer, it is basically the movie "Obsessed" from 2009, remember how incredibly stupid this feels, and for goodness gracious, Sanaa Lathan can't act for nothing, terrible, no emotion, and pretty dam ugly to be int this role. Trust me, this shows the mentality of relationships today, girl dumps boyfriend because she doesn't get what she wants, get new boyfriend, hates him, wants the old one back, it basically telling you that, and like I said, why be obsessed for a girl who is ugly, I know some guys might say shes okay, hell no I'm straight. I am seriously not that big of a fan of Michael Elgin, only "Barbershop" he felt important, and seriously no charisma, always with the same face, sure you can say Ice Cube has the same face, but the difference is that is why he is funny and entertaining, because he goes with the jokes and makes people laugh or he makes you feel that he is a solid actor, what the hell does Michael Elgin bring?...I'm waiting! Honestly, this movie is disgusting and all out terrible, and honestly this has potential of being the worst movie of 2015, and yes even "Fantastic Four" and "50 Shades Of Grey" can be better than this, at least people wanted to see this, sure maybe not "50 Shades Of Grey" but for some stupid reason, we decided to try to check it out, this doesn't appeal to anybody because this movie is NOT WORTH IT! Okay, so what do you people think about this movie, watch the trailer, vote yes or no if the movie will be worth it for you, check out my YouTube Channel if you haven't already, the link is right here, if you like Wrestling, Movies,Me Singing, check it out ( and Once again, me, me, The A-L-E-Double X and Until Then, I'm Out!


Worth It?


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