ByMissouri Chan, writer at

Although I love Jared Leto and think he's a brilliant actor and a generally cool person(he seems very humble, sweet and down to earth in his interviews), this is the last movie I want to see him in. Let's not forget that Heath Ledger did die suddenly and mysteriously after playing The Joker.

"Suicide Squad" is way too dark and has a disturbing demonic vibe. That's NEVER cool. The Joker was fun to watch on the "Batman" series but movies always paint him in a light that's too dark to enjoy. If the entire cast needed "therapy" while filming this movie, they shouldn't have continued in their roles. That's NEVER a good sign.

Part of the reason "Avengers" is so great is because they never go to the depths of hell just to bring a character to life. I feel pretty light and thoroughly entertained after watching Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man/Thor(And He's a Demi-God) series.

If it's too disturbing for the actors involved, it's too disturbing for the audience. I'll stick with "The Avengers". Besides, I don't want Jared to be the next actor to die suddenly which now seems to be a sick trend in Hollywood. I'll be keeping this entire cast in my prayers. Especially Jared Leto.


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