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Matt Tallon
...idiculous. The "Civil War" was neither about patriotism, nor was it about money/ was about the right to choose. The "Civil War" was about Stark's side believing that identities should be made public, and that those people possessing powers should be regulated by a higher authority. Rogers' side was about preserving the privacy of not only those with powers, but preserving the privacy of families who could possibly be subject to unwanted and unnecessary paparazzi, scrutiny and/or harm due to registration. Patriotism and billionaire playboy-ism never entered into the equation. As far as speculation on Spidey's costume, there's a reason that he's not present in any of the more recent CW photos. They are trying to keep it under wraps as long as they possibly can. In an age where the technology is there for the common man to be able to spill secrets, I find it refreshing that Marvel Studios has been able to keep Spider-Man's look a secret as long as they have, and I am hoping that I don't get to see it until the film's release.

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