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The Flash as we all know, is a very interesting character, who is said to appear in Justice League Part One (2017), Justice League Part Two (2019) and his own solo movie (2018), and now possibly even the highly anticipated [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). To many he might just be another member, who doesn't play that big of a role in the big picture. But, he might be one of the most important characters with one of the biggest roles.

The Flash is from the future

Not long ago, there was a supposed leak involving many plot elements to the Justice League films. I realize it's foolish to put all my trust in these, which I don't by the way, but they made some sense. Among those, the one that really caught my eye, was Flash traveling back from the future after a major catastrophe. Now it got me thinking, what happens at the end of the Justice League, that makes Flash go back in time? Then it dawned on me. It clicked. This "major catastrophe" doesn't happen in the very end, but in the beginning, or near it at least. The opening scenes, involve the Justice League already established, and maybe fighting an powerful enemy. Then the team gets wiped out, or taken prisoner. The Justice League fails at their mission, the world is being enslaved or destroyed, he sees this. Then our Scarlet Speedster, goes back in time, to when our heroes are meeting for the first time (most likely after or during the final fight in Batman v. Superman), then warns our heroes of the impending doom.

But wait? The Flash isn't confirmed in Batman v Superman.

He wasn't, not until this little Wallflower spilled the beans:

According to Ezra Miller, not only will Flash appear in the movie, but he will have the following features:

  • Allen's hair will be kept long for that film
  • A ripped physique as apposed to a bulky one

And the final nail in the coffin:

  • A post-apocalyptic suit

The hair makes sense with him being from the future, since it's probably grown over time. The ripped physique since he's been at it for a while so he's grown stronger, and finally the suit. Post-apocalyptic? Really? That can't be a coincidence. The time he's traveled from definitely was a "end of the world" type scenario. So all these factors make sense.

This leaves some questions yet to be answered, like where is the other, younger Flash? The future Flash is most likely just a messenger, while then the younger goes on with the Justice League. Maybe the older version is a guide, or consultant of sorts. This is all yet to be said. Regardless, Flash I feel will definitely have a pivotal role in the Justice League, like he tends to have. I also can't wait to see Ezra's performance, and what he brings to the character


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