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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) isn't set to come out for another 8 months, so we still have a while until Marvel starts dropping trailers and hints on what might happen in the movie. Apart from a few end-credit scenes, some concept art, and a few Tweets and comments here and there, we really don't have much to go off of yet. However, there is still enough evidence out there to speculate and to try and draw a few conclusions.

Project 42

Marvel Civil Wars
Marvel Civil Wars

If you've read Marvel's Civil War story arc, then you know all about project 42. It's a high tech prison designed to house superheroes that is located in the alternate dimension known as the Negative Zone. Tony Stark and Reed Richards are the big brains behind it and they use this to lock away any superhero that opposes the registration act. Now, it's uncertain whether Marvel will even go the route of imprisoning superheroes in next year's Captain America movie, but if they did, it would seem far fetched for them to start messing around with the idea of alternate dimensions in this particular movie. It's a bit too soon to throw that around and not to mention they would probably lose a a bunch of viewers in doing so. However, having an Earth based super prison would be a good way to go around this problem. So what other high tech super prison exists in the Marvel Universe that is actually on Earth? Oh right...

The Raft

The Raft. In Marvel comics this is a maximum security prison designed to house super-powered criminals. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what's stopping writers from making this a prison designed for super-powered heroes instead? There hasn't been too many super villains in the MCU to need a super prison, but come this May they may need one for those who appose some version of the registration act. Oh, and the Raft is conveniently located on Ryker's Island in New York. You know, right were almost every superhero is located.

Okay, this may seem like just another wild and crazy idea, but there actually is some proof that this could happen. Thanks to a quick look at the full cast on IMDb, we can get a glimpse at some of the not so important characters in the movie that for now actually give us a better idea on what's going to happen.

Screen shot from
Screen shot from

That's right. Blair Jasin will be playing a Raft Guard in Captain America: Civil War. Which means at some point during this movie we are going to get to see The Raft, or at least some version of it. Hopefully we'll get to see it take place as the new Project 42.

Alternative Super Prison

For years now there has been speculations of another possible super prison that could appear in future movies. This goes as far back to when The Avengers came out. Now back then no one knew about the plans for Captain America: Civil War but a few people came up with some speculations anyways. In the The Avenger's there is a quick glance at a sign at the S.H.I.E.L.D. base in the beginning of the movie that reads "Project Pegasus".

Screen shot from Marvel's The Avengers
Screen shot from Marvel's The Avengers

In Marvel Comics, Project Pegasus is a scientific base, also conveniently located in the state of New York, were P.E.G.A.S.U.S. was an acronym for Potential Energy Group/Alternate Sources/United States. It was originally intended to research alternative (and unusual) forms of energy (Click HERE to read more about Project Pegasus on the Marvel Database). This makes sense for the movie because S.H.I.E.L.D. was researching the tesseract at the time and developing weapons from it. Not too long after this Easter egg was noticed somebody drew a connection back to Ironman 2. When Tony Stark was doing his own research in the energy field, which resulted in him creating a new element, Tony had some boxes full of equipment brought into his basement that had some labeling on it.

Screen shot from Ironman 2
Screen shot from Ironman 2

As you may have noticed, the box is labeled Project Pegasus.

What does this all mean?

This means that Project Pegasus, in the MCU, is a thing and that Marvel may be teasing this for now but it may become a much larger part in future movies.

How does this tie into a super prison?

Well in the comics, the Project Pegasus facility was also used as a prison for super-powered individuals. So instead of The Raft being a replacement for Project 42, we may actually see Project Pegasus take its place instead. We may even see both. As far as evidence goes on Project Pegasus being in Captain America: Civil War, there is none. At least for now.

Whether we see Project Pegasus take place as Captain America: Civil War's super prison or the Raft, these are both very interesting ideas to think about as we wait the next 8 month for the movie to come out.


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