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I havent read a lot of comics, a few xmen comics here and there but I know a lot of information about a lot of superheroes for some strange
Ricardo Cecilio Martinez

Is Ezra Miller playing Bart Allen?

In a recent interview with Ezra Miller (Perks of being a Wallflower) the actor cast as The Flash for the DC cinematic universe he stated that the costume would have a post apocalyptic feel to it, which really didn't make me think of Bart Allen rite there and then, but then he went on to say that he wouldn't be cutting his long hair off thats when I was like " hmmmm long hair you say......." .

All of sudden Young Justice came to mind, season 2 in paticular. In season 2 of YJ theres a certain speedster that joins the team later on in the show that comes from a Post apocalyptic world who also has long hair. That speedster is Bart Allen.

Now your probably thinking long hair doesn't mean [email protected]#$ but seriously think about it. Have you ever seen Barry Allen with long hair because I haven't . Even the CW's The Flash has Barry with Short hair. I'm not saying I've read every single flash comic but when in picture Barry Allen with long hair it just doesn't feel rite to me.

Anyways all of this is just a theory of mines that probably isn't true. The flash standalone film is very far away anything can happen from now then.

Would you rather see Barry Allen or Bart Allen on the big screen?


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