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I've watched many movies many times over the years from Tarantino films, Scorsese films, superhero films, classics, Spielberg films, and many more. Every night I go to bed with either a movie or a stand-up routine on. I am constantly thinking of movies! However, I have only ruined three VHS' in my life from watching them so many times over: All Dogs Go To Heaven, Balto, and Lion King. Due to the the popularity of Netflix and DVDs I haven't ruined any subsequent films from overuse, but if I could I still would have. A movie that has never gotten old for me, regardless of its cinematic influence, is Shaolin Soccer. I know, it might seem like a choice out of left field considering my background.

Shaolin Soccer was the first acclaimed Stephen Chow film before the beloved Kung Fu Hustle. It had a lot of the same actors and was even wackier than his later work. This movie has so much charm and it was at a time when Stephen Chow was really coming into his own as a director, actor and writer. The story follows a group of brothers who band together with their amazing Shaolin inspired soccer techniques to form a soccer team, coached by a once great soccer player. They learn to work together, play the game, and beat Team Evil in the final round! More so than anything, Stephen Chow and his frequent actors' martial arts abilities are awesome to watch. Each of them is also hilarious in their own right and work extremely well off of each other. Everything comes together to form one enjoyable movie. I must have seen it at least 100 times!

So there's my pick for the movie I can watch over and over again! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my pick, and if you haven't seen this film yet, it's always on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Please give it a watch!


Which movie did Stephen Chow star in? Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle? (I know that's not Stephen Chow below)


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