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As a film enthusiast I always get really excited when I stumble upon a project with REAL potential. I was cruising through Indiegogo when a film campaign called "5 Minute Rush" had caught my eye.

The Synopsis:

As war tears through the city streets, a struggle between two drug empires leaves the city in total anarchy. When the head boss from the opposing family is taken out, enforcer Braden Vasco is apprehended at the scene of the crime and taken into custody. Detectives use leverage, and force him to roll over on his organization. He faces his allies only to find that nothing is as it seems. Fuelled by vengeance, he does what he needs to in order to survive as he pieces together the truth.

Upon further investigation, I found a very solid video pitch and discovered that these were some of the same individuals who were involved in "Mech: Human Trials" a very powerful short film that blew up all over the blogosphere early last year, creating a massive internet buzz. It was one of my personal favourites of 2014.

The script for "5 Minute Rush" was written by Vancouver based actor/ writer/ director- Steve Baran. Baran has teamed up again with the insanely talented director of photography Cliff Hokanson and will be taking the directors chair in bringing us what sounds like a very intense short action film. What's even more interesting is that we will see Baran on the screen for this as well, as he will also be playing the lead character Braden Vasco.

Judging by Baran's captivatingly intense performance in Mech, I am really looking forward in seeing what he can do with a story of his own. Especially seeing in how this story was inspired by actual events that he has faced in his own personal life. Being such a HUGE fan of action films I cannot wait to see this film. I for one have full confidence that they will deliver and amazing film and I will be contributing to their campaign. Seeing as how they will still be making this film weather they reach their goal or not, I am all in. You should be too. Check out their campaign here. Together let's help them reach their goal!


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