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An incredible video has just been unearthed showing Angelina in a way which you probably never thought you would see her. The footage features Angelina, according to the video, in the year 2000, honing her skills in an acting class. To say that the video is emotional is an understatement, in the short clip we see Angelina going through a whole series of emotions, including becoming rather tearful. It is refreshing to see the path Angelina took to get to where she is now, and this amateur video shows that she really was a star in the making. Are you ready to see Angelina like never before?

The video's dramatic entrance begins with this disturbing line.

''I feel like I have no voice. I want to hurt you.''

Then straight from sounding angry, Angelina bounces right into looking happy and saying:

''I'm just fine.''

Followed by some pretty wild and disturbing face shapes. We get to see Angelina's acting buddy too.

Check out the video in full

This acting master class really shows the potential Angelina already had to become an award-winning actress. If this really was the year 2000, then this would have been the same year that Angelina would have won her Oscar for Favorite Supporting Actress in the movie Girl, Interrupted, she certainly wasn't a newbie to acting at this time.

I wonder if Angelina will be bringing back some of these expressions for By The Sea, which will be released in November. Angelina is both starring in and directing this movie, which will see her directing hubby Brad Pitt too. Who's excited for that movie?


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