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Although Season 6 of Game of Thrones is still an age away, it seems that every day we get a little inkling of more news of what is to come in the fantasy series. And our recent Watch has unearthed some fantastic news in the form of a new casting announcement.

Freddie Stroma has been cast as Dickon Tarly

Oh yes, it seems that Samwell's younger brother will definitely be making an appearance in the next season, meaning that we will be finally paying a visit to a few more branches on the Tarly family tree.

But don't expect a happy family reunion to take place! If you remember, Sam (played by John Bradley) would have been the heir to his father, Lord Randyll's, seat at Horn Hill and by rights, he would have matured to be one of the top ranking lords of the Seven Kingdoms.

However, his terrifying father, an incredibly skilled military commander in Westeros, hoped for a son who could carry on leading House Tarly in battle. The overweight, cowardly Sam did not fit the bill so was cruelly forced to join the Night's Watch, thus allowing his more-physically capable brother, Dickon, to become the heir.

Where have we seen Stroma before?

Well, the English actor is best known for his portrayal of Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He was the aggressive Gryffindor seventh year who became the reserve Keeper in the House's Quidditch team. He was also a member of the Slug Club and escorted Hermione to the club's terrible Christmas party.

Remind yourself of who he was in this scene which show Ron's nerve-wracking try-outs for the Gryffindor team (and Hermione's fiddling with the outcome!):

And that's not all. Stroma is also known for his role on Lifetime's renowned drama-comedy UnREAL, where he plays a bachelor on a fictional reality TV show.

Stroma in UnREAL
Stroma in UnREAL

I'm sure he will do a great job as a member of the Tarly clan!



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