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Although I can't imagine these giant structures creating much havoc in Jurassic World - what with them being made out of straw and such, it would severely hinder their ability to rip a man to shreds - there's little denying that they would strike an impressive stance in any wilderness.

For those lucky enough to be currently traveling through Japan, or more specifically, the countryside of Niigata, student and aspiring artist Amy Goda, has created a series of larger-than-life beasts to spice up your journey.

Scattered along the hillsides, Goda is recycling the discarded hay of rice farmers and using it to fashion a series of awesome, fearsome beasts.

A pre-tourist munching T-Rex

A chilled out Triceratops

Amy Goda hasn't just turned her talented fingers to the pre-historic variety, check out her other creepily brilliant straw creations!

Such as this Praying Mantis

Or this pinching Crab

Or this terrifying Snake

And this evil little Duck!

Such a great example of eco-friendly artwork!

(Source: Comic Book)


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