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When the internet saw the Disney princesses without make up, it was all up in arms. "Noooooo" you shouted, "MY EYES," shouted another. Well, ladies (and gents), American cosmetic brand LA Splash heard and answered your cries! Making like Tinker Bell, they've gone and magic'd up some themed lipsticks for you, so you can carry that Disney feeling around with you wherever you go and never have to imagine those au naturel princesses ever again.

Great, right? They've covered a number of your favorite Disney characters, not just princesses, so for those of you with an evil glint in your eye, don't worry, they've catered for you too.

Here are the characters they've covered:

Here's a clearer color chart:

Many Disney fans have taken to Instagram to share their shades, so you can see the characters in action.

1. Lady from Lady and the Tramp is a deep red, because she's a vamp, she's a vixen not a tramp...

2. Make those lips look like spindle pricks, like this Sleeping Beauty shade of 'Aurora'...

3. How to look like a true Aristocat, don the creme de la creme a la Duchess...

4. A tad unsure how this deep purple looks like 'Faline,' i.e Bambi's love interest... but it's a cool shade...

5. This one doesn't really scream 'Arabian Nights' but maybe it can transport you to a Whole New World?

Source: Buzzfeed


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