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Haven't we already got enough of Pikachu for crying out loud? And if one disagrees, there's a really high chance they couldn't think of the reason for the disagreement. We've all been waiting for so long, anything seems plausible; but some more plausible than others. The Pokémon anniversary is coming up, so why not celebrate it with Pikachu? That's what many want; but if one really wants the Pikachu celebration, why not simply make one? We don't need a whole game just for Pikachu, and it doesn't necessarily have to be the "original" one hundred and fifty one Pokémon.

This isn't the first anniversary either; there have been interesting ones in the past, but an anniversary game hasn't been created out of it. For a longer time we've been predicting how would X and Y have their sequels or the possibility of a Ruby and Sapphire re-make. Both of these appeared before the discussions of an anniversary idea. What's more? Remember the leaked Pokémon from the past? Eternal Floette, Hoopa, Volcanion, and Diancie? Yes, even more were people speculating about the X and Y sequels and not even remember the anniversary idea. Zygarde was enough to speculate about, and we already have Hoopa and Diancie in Box 2, now we're only waiting for Volcanion and AZ's Floette as well as Zygarde.

So, would we rather have that out of the way for once or possibly postpone it in favor of Pikachu and the anniversary? Well, why not put both in? We can have a Pokémon Z created, but what will Pikachu have to do with it? The only thing Pikachu has to do is look pretty and sport a ribbon; in other words, come in as an event; and it doesn't have to be only Pikachu, we can have more Pokémon coming in as events, with features that make them stand out of the crowd. That way we don't have to postpone anything and have ourselves our own special star-shaped, messy-furred shiny Pikachu sitting there in our Shiny's box. Side-game DLCs can work too, but let's leave all those things to our beloved, fast-paced, trustworthy game developers.

As bad as my first article may turn out to be, let's just hope Game Freak does better and not jump the gun with Pokémon Snazzy Yellow Version!


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