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My jaded eyes have passed over so many awesome cosplay creations over the past couple of years that something has to be pretty unique to have me impressed, but this M'aiq the Liar cosplay is Khajiit epic!

Redditor talaaya has taken mere thread and fun fur and a spun it into the best (and so far, only!) M'aiq the Liar cosplay I've ever seen, and her work is pure alchemy. Check out what I mean in the images below:

If you were wondering how the magic happened, it sounds like there was a lot of work involved to render the shady character in all his glory. Talaaya wrote that she created the Skyrim favorite as follows:

"I covered the mask with clear packing tape and drew lines where I wanted the seams of the fur to be, as well as making notes with arrows for the direction of the fur. I then took the tape off, cut it apart, and used it as a pattern to cut out the fur. I used hot glue to attach the pieces to the mask and then I carefully trimmed the length of the fur with scissors. Some parts were left longer than others. I painted it with watered down acrylics. I didn’t bother combing it out very well so it’s pretty hard and crusty but that sort of works to my advantage; it keeps the fur neater and slimmer. For the tail, I covered the foam tail with saran wrap and then duct tape, then drew a line down the center on both sides to make it into two pieces. I cut a single dart at the round end of the tail so I could get the fur to conform to the round surface better. Then the same process as the mask fur after that."

This one approves!

(Source: Fashionably Geek via Reddit)


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