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Shaquille Dent, a sophomore student at Cleveland Institute of Art, has been making the rounds on social media recently for his amazing hair.

Dent, who is majoring in animation, seems to have taken inspiration from his studies and has been dubbed by many as "Black Goku," in reference to the character from Dragon Ball Z.

After noticing back in Junior High School that his hair could hold a spike for a crazy amount of time, he has worked on making his hairstyles more and more complicated. Dent spends about two hours, twice a month working his 'do and according to Buzzfeed, never uses a barber!

While, as many have guess, his hair style was originally inspired by Goku from Dragon Ball Z, more recently he has bleached part of his hair as a tribute to Yu-Gi-Oh.

Speaking out about his unique locks, Dent told Buzzfeed:

"I’m always really happy to hear a compliment or when people take interest in my hair. It’s funny — the reason this went viral was because of all of the haters. They wanted to bash me for my hair but ended up promoting it instead."

You keep rocking those locks, Shaquille!

Source: Fashionably Geek, Buzzfeed


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