ByRicky Watson, writer at

When the Labor Day weekend concluded in 2015, it wasn't an "R" rated movie that topped the box office. Instead, it was the faith-based film War Room that led the way with close to 13 million bucks beating out the music biopic Straight Outta Compton by a million and a half dollars.

So what does this mean to Hollywood? It is that people want more family oriented films and less films that are filled with the immorality that they constantly see on the news everyday or have experienced personally. For decades people have flocked to theaters to escape reality for two hours, whether the film they watched was fiction or based on real life. When people are going through decadent situations in their own lives, it is a much needed relief to see films that doesn't have those things as a recurring theme every two minutes and even offers hope for a way out of those situations.

Unlike other films that offer no hope at the end for people that are murdered, consumed with profanity, submitted to fornication, adultery, drug use, violent situations, etc..., War Room is a film of a story that offers hope to a failing marriage through the power of prayer.

However, it isn't the story itself behind the success of War Room. It is the fact that moviegoers by the millions are starving for more faith based and family oriented films when there are so few to choose from among the hundreds of films released each year. When one of those faith based films do come along people are buying tickets to see those movies.

Hollywood needs to remember that many faith based films in America are Christian based such as War Room. Also, many of those ticket sales at the weekend box offices do come from Christians, whom are desiring movies that don't include the decadence that fill the screens of many theaters throughout the year. Hence, the number one ranking at the box office for Labor Day weekend of 2015 for War Room.


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