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There can't be any hope for tomorrow,if we don't fight for today
Mensur Qulami

Mortal Kombat is one of the best game franchises in the whole wide world. The first movie adaptation of the series was quite successful, but we can't say the same thing for the second movie, Annihilation.

After what seems to have been an eternity, we're about to see a reboot of the action-packed movie on the big screen, directed by James Wan.

With the reboot coming, I wanted to throw around some ideas for a fan casting. Here's my choices, let me know yours in the comments below!

Liu Kang - Rain (Jung Ji-hoon)

Kitana - Celina Jade

Raiden - Ewan McGregor

Sonya - Ronda Rousey

Kung Lao - Mike Moh

Johnny Cage - Chris Pine

Shao Kahn - Ron Perlman

Shang Tsung - Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Quan Chi - Vin Diesel

Jade - Maggie Q

Mileena - Kristin Kreuk

Stryker - Tahmoh Penikett

Scorpion - Scott Adkins

Sub-Zero - Jon Foo

Noob Saibot - Andy On

Smoke - Channing Tatum

Jax - Michael Jai White

Kano - Tom Hardy

Kenshi - Keanu Reeves

Goro - Dwayne Johnson

What you think about this cast, guys? I hope the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie will be brutal in competition and fatalities alike.


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