ByRandall Andrews, writer at
Randall Andrews

Inhumans are underappreciated in the world of comics. Marvel seems to have kept the Inhumans a secret (as the Inhumans like it). We of the world want more. When we have seen so much X-Men and Mutant books emerge through the coarse of the last ten years, we don't get many Inhuman books.

Back in the early 90's we had a slew of wonderful Inhuman books from Marvel, giving us back story on Black Bolt and Medusa as well as many others. They were forgotten, left on the shelves. Have things been forgotten in that world? No! We have received new books only to have them last for just a little while with enough story to give us hope and then everything changes. Battleworld happens and the Inhumans get forgotten once again.

Hopefully when the series renews in October with Uncanny Inhumans we will get the stories we want, the stories that we need to continue. The X-Men have taken the limelight far too long to give us needed stories for the Inhumans. Let's get drama and action from the Inhumans. Lets get new exciting stories that can trigger our imaginations! What do you think? Do you think we need more Inhuman stories or less? Let me know.


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