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Actors can be a volatile bunch. When big personalities clash on set co-star relations can quickly devolve into, at best, icy silences and, at worst, stone cold refusals to ever work together again.

The following feuding co-stars grew to despise each other so much that when the cameras stopped rolling, they wanted exactly nothing to do with each other. But what exactly fueled their intense bust ups - what did they do to cause such vehement mutual dislike?

1. Jamie Foxx vs. LL Cool J

Movie: Any Given Sunday

While Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J were physically colliding on camera, so too were they off it. In fact, the enemies had a hard time separating fact from fiction - in one instance, LL Cool J carried on beating up Foxx during a fight scene, even after the director had called cut. He was even charged with assault!

2. James Franco vs. Tyrese Gibson

Movie: Annapolis

Franco's method acting rubbed Gibson the wrong way when he got overly physical with him:

“I respect Method actors, but he never snapped out of character. Whenever we’d have to get in the ring for boxing scenes, and even during practice, the dude was full-on hitting me.”

Tyrese hated the experience, putting Franco on his co-star blacklist:

"I never want to work with him again. It felt very personal. It was ****ed up."

Funnily enough, Franco seemed pretty scared of his nemesis, telling an interviewer that Tyrese “wants to blow up my hotel room.” Settle down, lads.

3. Mariah Carey vs. Nicky Minaj

TV Show: American Idol

These two divas went head-to-head on the musical talent show, feuding in full view of the nation. Mariah even said working on the show was "like going to work every day in Hell with Satan." Minaj responded rather colorfully, saying:

"I'm not ****in' putting up with her ****in' highness over there."

Shots fired!

4. Robert Downey Jr. vs. Terrence Howard

Movie: Iron Man

Howard, who played Lt. Col. James Rhodes in the first Iron Man movie, felt completely betrayed by RDJ, claiming he took his money and ran:

"It turns out that the person that I helped become Iron Man… when it was time to re-up for the second one, took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out.”

Originally meant to be a core part of the trilogy, Howard says Downey robbed him of his fair share and stopped returning his calls. That's cold, Robert.

5. William Shatner vs. George Takei

TV Show: Star Trek

There's some seriously bad blood between two former shipmates. Conflict began when Shatner became very vocal about the fact he was the only cast member to not be invited to Takei’s wedding. Takei made no bones about why he wasn't on the guest list, calling Shatner “the biggest douche.” He went on to explain that he was:

“very self-possessed, self-involved and everything revolves around The Captain.”

Shatner bit back, calling Takei “sick and psychotic.” So, not much chance of a reunion for these two then.

6. Janet Hubert vs. Will Smith

TV Show: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The show's first Aunt Viv - played by Hubert - was forced out after a heated dispute with Will Smith. Hubert accused Smith of being an egomaniac, with Big Willie countering that she would've made the show 'Aunt Viv of Bel Air.' Three seasons was all this squabbling twosome could handle, at which point Hubert was replaced.

7. Bill Murray vs. Lucy Liu

Movie: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Hollywood legend has it that during a scene Murray pointed to Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Liu, and said, in that order, "I get why you're here. And you've got talent. But what in the hell are you doing here? You can't act."

Murray had such little respect for Liu that he apparently couldn't bare sticking around for the sequel, his character was replaced by Bernie Mac.


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