ByMichal Jenner, writer at

Yes Guardians is about as good as super hero films get. the story, characters and everything eles is amazing but sadly it falls slightly short for one big reason and that's the adult(well very childish content.) the smuty jokes and amount of bad language was lazy(come on eveyone does that) and pointless. The fact that this film is said to be child-friendly really blows my mind as it really is NOT child-friendly. Why on earth can't people just make clean fun films that everyone can watch. I really wanted to watch this film(haven't seen it all) as I was and still am constently depressed and I knew this film would help me though a hard time but due to it's immature content I just can't watch it and have a clear conscience. So yes this film could have been so good but sadly like so many it ruined itself.


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