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Brace yourself, bad puns are coming.
Aayush Gupta

The James Bond franchise is one of the longest running franchises in the movie industry, with its 24th instalment Spectre hitting theatres worldwide in November. However, this also brings up a question - will this be the last time actor Daniel Craig portrays the character?

When asked if he will be returning as the spy again, all he said was:

"I don’t know. I really don’t know. But we’ll see."

This statement stirred up huge amounts of controversy as to whether or not he will be returning as Bond again.

Recently, there have been 'nominations' by fans, who they think could portray the character in movies to come. Commonly mentioned names are Michael Fassbender (who has played the iconic role of Magneto), and Idris Elba (also being considered for Green Lantern).

However, there is another name coming up currently, a famous legendary football (soccer) player, who could nail the role of James Bond. None other than...

David Beckham

The former Manchester United and English football team legend has a massive fan following, and a lot of his fans want him to be our next Bond. Rumors suggest that this movement is also being supported by his family, who would be glad to see him in an action movie.

Beckham is set to appear in a small role in Knights of the Round Table, which comes out next year. Although he hasn't done any major roles yet, he is definitely interested in starting a career in Hollywood. According to some sources, he is seriously considering the role, and might try out for it.

I for one, am very excited for this, being a big fan of both him and James Bond, and I certainly think he can pull off the role successfully!


What do you think? Will David Beckham make a good James Bond?


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