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On October 11th, season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC and many fans from all over the world can't wait for what it will bring. Since Andrea's death in the finale of Season 3, there has only been 5 characters (6 if you include Morgan) from the original Season 1 cast: Rick, Carl, Glenn, Daryl and Carol. Is it the now the time for another huge character's death? Season 5 brought many tears to our eyes losing Beth, Tyreese, Noah, Reg and many more familiar characters. Will Season 6 bring us as many deaths as Season 5? Let's hope not. Here are my personal death predictions for Season 6 and if you disagree with them or can suggest others who you think won't make it to Season 7, let me know in the comments below.

Rick Grimes

It will be a massive shock to see the main character die. What would they do without him? Also, Morgan has just appeared and Rick is the only survivor he knows. Those two have to sort out their difference in this Season.

Glenn Rhee

A developed character who has became the brains of the group. If he was going to kill Nicholas, he would have done it in the Season 5 finale. He narrowly escaped Nicholas and the walkers and I think he'll survive a few more seasons. Furthermore, Maggie has lost so much already and losing Glenn will leave her in pieces. I think Glenn will continue to live until he is killed by a villain in Season 7-8.

Carl Grimes

The future of The Walking Dead and he still has a lot of character develop left in him. I think he will have a quiet Season looking after Judith and bonding with the other kids inside the safety of the walls.

Daryl Dixon

A fan favourite and with him dying, The Walking Dead viewers will probably half. He was made specifically for the TV Series and is tough and a natural killer of walkers. He is an expert with that crossbow.

Carol Peletier

Remember Carol in Season 1? She has dramatically changed from an abused wife to a fearless daredevil. She has lost her husband and daughter to the walkers and has killed many people. She is now very strong compared to 5 years ago. Her character has developed so well and I don't know where the producers can go with her anymore. She is a valuable member of the group. I think that the group will lose a major character and it will be a big blow for Alexandria. I just feel like Carol has gone mad with killing Karen and David and threatening Sam and Pete. She is a cunning woman who probably pushed Pete over the edge. I think her death in this Season would make sense. It would be a real shame to see her go though.

Morgan Jones

No. He has just appeared after being absent for 5 Seasons. I think he is the safest character and he has a lot to offer to the group. He clearly knows how to survive and could offer some morals to the group like Dale did. However, I think that may lead to him being killed in Season 8-9.

Maggie Greene

If Carol dies, I don't think Maggie will die. She is the last remaining survivor from the farm and has achieved a high position in Alexandria. I think her and Glenn can just manage to survive this Season.


I think Michonne still has many seasons left. One of the best zombie slayers but we still need to see that character development and see more of her back story. She also has a high position in Alexandria as she is made a constable and has the power to knock out Rick and put some sense into him. An experienced member of the group who can support others and Rick will keep her safe.

Sasha Williams

Sasha is a strong and fierce woman but she doesn't really fit in with the group. She has lost Tyreese and Bob and I don't think we'll lose her. I want to find out where her group was during Seasons 1-2. She will find her place in Alexandria and bounce back soon but being a look out at the walls isn't a safe job. I think her death will come in Season 7.

Tara Chambler

She is a boring character and nearly died in Season 5. The producers are going nowhere with her and I think that the sooner she dies the better. It's quite annoying to have her around. I think she will get bitten in a supply run.

Abraham Ford

A tough character who I think will last many more seasons.

Eugene Porter

Yes. He will die. I don't know why. He's not prepared for this world. He doesn't belong in it. He is clever but doesn't deserve to be this far into an apocalypse.

Rosita Espinosa

Give her more time to develop her character and get more action on screen. I like her but I think we need to see her often and became a bigger character like Abraham is starting to do. It would be weird to see her die. I seriously see her and Abraham being the lead characters in the future.

Gabriel Stokes

His actor has been arrested and I don't know what's going to happen to his character. I am predicting that he will hang on in this Season. He will stay inside the walls away from danger and if it becomes unsafe he will flee. I think he can bring religious support to the residents of Alexandria.


Aaron still has a lot in him. He has Daryl protecting him when outside the walls and was only introduced recently. I think the producers can go far with him. He seems stable in Alexandria. Maybe he could die. Who knows?

Jessie Anderson

I think that she will hook up with Rick and it's unlikely that she will die in this season. She will become a mother figure for Carl and Judith and again new character. I like her and I hope we get to see her slaying zombies.


He'll help inside the walls and will be safe.

Deanna Monroe

The leader of the Alexandria safe-zone and it's unlikely that she will die. She is very smart and has already lost her son and husband recently. I think she'll let Rick take lead while she emotionally recovers.

Ron Anderson

He'll survive.


It's going to be difficult for Nicholas but Glenn will keep him under control. He'll probably try to help out with things inside the walls.


Her friendship with Carl will grow and I think she's smart enough not to get herself killed.

Spencer Monroe

Losing his brother and father will be hard but surely he can't die as well.

Sam Anderson

He'll die. Another child needs to die and he won't be able to survive without Carol's cookies. He'll do something stupid and end up being attacked by a walker.


I have a feeling that Carol could kill her and if not someone will. Or perhaps a walker?

Judith Grimes



Yes! They must die. But how many are there? 2? 5? 12? 65?


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